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This is a list of equippable items in EarthBound Beginnings. There is a total of four different slots on the equipment subscreen, where items with different properties are displayed when equipped by a character. The different types of items that are displayed in the slots are, from top to bottom, weapons, coins, rings and pendants. The majority of the latter three can only be obtained in Magicant.


Every weapon increases the user's Offense when equipped. All four of the main party members do each have a type of weapon that only they are able to utilize, being Baseball bats for Ninten, Frying pans for Ana, Guns for Lloyd and different blade-based weapons for Teddy. There are also two additional weapons that every character can use, being the Slingshot and the Boomerang. Out of all weapons, the Plastic Bat has the lowest offense-increasing property, raising the user's offense by 3, while the Katana has the highest, raising the user's offense by 58.


Main article: Coin

Coins raise the user's Defense when equipped, with values varying from 5 to 20, depending on the coin. There is a total of three equippable coins, which only can be obtained in Magicant by being purchased from the leftmost shop out of the three ones that are located in there; although the Magic Coin, being the coin with the highest increment value, occasionally is dropped by Red Snakes. Coins are comparable with Rings, that also have defense-increasing qualities.


Main article: Ring

Rings increase the user's Defense when equipped. There are three different types of rings, with values varying from 8 to 28, depending on the type of ring. All of the rings are only obtainable in Magicant, where they can be bought from the shop in the center of the three shops located there. The Coins of the same game do also increase the user's defense when equipped, although rings generally are better in terms of value and more expensive.


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Pendants decrease damage taken by electricity, fire and ice by half. There are three different pendants that each are dedicated to one of these elements, which all only can be obtained in Magicant by being purchased from the rightmost shop, out of the three shops present there. A fourth pendant, the Sea Pendant, halves the damage taken by all of these elements, but can only be achieved once, being in a later segment of the game.

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