List of miscellaneous items in EarthBound

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This is a list of miscellaneous items in EarthBound.

List of miscellaneous items in EarthBound
Name Japanese Effect Price Other information Where to obtain

Chick ヒヨコ
After a while, it becomes a Chicken. N/A Hatches from a Fresh egg
A chick that just hatched.

Chicken にわとり
Can be sold for $110. N/A Grows from a Chick.
A real, live chicken. Don't eat it, please.

ExitMouse(Left).gif Exit mouse あなぬけネズミ
Exit Mouse
Allows Ness and his friends to exit certain dungeons instantly. N/A Can only have one in possession at a time. Onett
Gold Mine
Stonehenge Base
If you use this in a dungeon or some such place, the mouse brings you back to the place where you entered. It's a very smart mouse.

Insignificant item
If given to a person in the Twoson hospital you can get a Magic truffle. N/A Threed hospital (Drawer)
It doesn't look like it would do much of anything, but...

Meteornium メテオニウム
No effect; can be sold for $1000. N/A
Dropped by Spinning Robo (2/128 chance)
Dropped by Plain Crocodile (1/128 chance)
Dropped by Smilin' Sphere (1/128 chance)
It can be sold for a very high price. Nothing happens if you use it. A good explanation is kind of tough...

Meteotite メテオタイト
No effect; can be sold for $2000. N/A
Dropped by Big Pile of Puke (2/128 chance)
Dropped by Whirling Robo (1/128 chance)
Dropped by Military Octobot (1/128 chance)
Dropped by Hyper Spinning Robo (1/128 chance)
Dropped by Soul Consuming Flame (2/128 chance)
Dropped by Evil Eye (8/128 chance)
Dropped by Mechanical Octobot (1/128 chance)
Sell it for a lot of cash.

Piggy nose
Allows you to find Magic truffles in the Deep Darkness. $300 Scaraba
If you wear this on your nose, you can find and root out Magic truffles. Can be used many times.

Protractor ぶんどき
No effect. $2 Jeff's initial inventory
Saturn Valley (trash can)
You can even use this during battle! Can be used many times.

Ruler ものさし
No effect. $2
Jeff's initial inventory
Burglin Park
Monkey Cave (present)
Dropped by New Age Retro Hippie (8/128 chance)
You can even use this during battle! Can be used many times.

Suporma グレオレマシーン
Plays the "Ode to Orange Kid," and then breaks.
(No effect)
N/A Twoson (from Orange Kid after providing funding)
Orange Kid's invention. The full name is the "Super Orange Machine."


Exit Mouse
Artwork of an Exit Mouse from the Mother 2 Player's Guide.


  • Although normally exit mice cannot be used to exit the Cave of the Past, a programming glitch in Mother 1+2 allows Ness to use it and successfully escape in the final room where Giygas resides. After doing this, he appears at the entrance to the dungeon in which the exit mouse was obtained.
  • In the EarthBound Player's Guide, the section describing the Exit Mouse contains a screenshot displaying a text glitch. This does not occur in the final game.
  • The EarthBound Player's Guide erroneously refers to the Meteotite as the "Meteorite."

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