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This is a list of key items in Mother 3, arranged in the order in which they are obtained.

Chapter 1

Name Japanese Obtained Effect
DragoFang.png Drago Fang ドラゴのキバ
Drago Fang
Tazmily Village (from Bronson) Lowers the Mecha-Drago's defenses.
NailFile.png Nail File ヤスリ
Tazmily Jail (from Claus, inside an apple) Helps Flint escape from the jail cell.
ScrapOfCloth.png Scrap of Cloth ふくのきれはし
Scrap of Cloth
Mt. Oriander No effect.
ChildsShoe.png Child's Shoe こどものくつ
Child's Shoe
Drago Plateau No effect.
PigMarkNotebook.png Pig Mark Notebook ブタじるしノート
Pig Mark Notebook
Mt. Oriander (dropped by Pigmasks)
Details the Pigmask Army's plans for chimeras.
WallStaples.png Wall Staples カベホチ
Wall Staples
Duster starts with these. See Thief Tools.

Chapter 2

Name Japanese Obtained Effect
StagBeetle.png Stag Beetle サイレンクワガタ
Siren Beetle
Wess's house See Thief Tools.
SmokeBomb.png Smoke Bomb けむりだま
Smoke Bomb
Wess's house See Thief Tools.
Hypno-Pendelum.png Hypno-Pendulum さいみんふりこ
Hypnosis Pendulum
Wess's house See Thief Tools.
ScaryMask.png Scary Mask こわいおめん
Scary Mask
Wess's house See Thief Tools.
TickleStick.png Tickle Stick くすぐりぼう
Tickle Stick
Wess's house See Thief Tools.
DrawbridgeKey.png Drawbridge Key はねばしのカギ
Drawbridge Key
Osohe Castle (from Nippolyte) Opens the drawbridge.
RopeSnakeItem.png Rope Snake ヒモヘビ
Rope Snake
Osohe Castle (shop) Used to grapple on to things and swing across.
BattleMemory.png Battle Memory たたかいのきおく
Battle Memory
Osohe Castle Documents all enemies previously fought.
NobleSpittoon.png Noble Spittoon けだかいタンつぼ
Noble Spittoon
Osohe Castle To be delivered to Wess.
Pendant.png Pendant ペンダント
Osohe Castle (dropped by Kumatora) To be given back to Kumatora.
EggOfLight.png Egg of Light ひかりのタマゴ
Egg of Light
Osohe Castle No effect.

Chapter 4

Name Japanese Obtained Effect
CarrierPigeon.png Carrier Pigeon でんしょバト
Carrier Pigeon
Old Man's Paradise (from Wess) If Lucas learns anything about Duster's whereabouts, he is to send this back to Wess.
Ticket.png Ticket チケット
Clayman Factory (from Mr. Brown) Ticket to the Ropeway leading to Club Titiboo.

Chapter 5

Name Japanese Obtained Effect
EggOfLight.png Egg of Light ひかりのタマゴ
Egg of Light
Highway (Dump) No effect.

Chapter 7

Name Japanese Obtained Effect
Transceiver.png Transceiver トランシーバー
Osohe Castle (near Aeolia's Needle) Tells Lucas how to get to the Chimera Lab.
CourageBadge.png Courage Badge ゆうきのバッヂ
Courage Badge
Sunset Cemetery (from Flint, via Nippolyte) To be given to a Mr. Saturn.
MoleCricketBrother.png Mole Cricket Brother オケラのオトート
Mole Cricket Brother
Mole Cricket Hole (from Mole Cricket)
Mole Cricket Brother
‎If Lucas is in the Mole Cricket Hole, this will take him to the entrance.
EncouragingWords.png Encouraging Words はげましのことば
Encouraging Words
Fire Mountain (from Phrygia) Used to move a boulder.
PhrygiasNotebook.png Phrygia's Notebook フリギアのノート
Phygria's Notebook
Fire Mountain (from Phrygia) Details the Needles Lucas still needs to pull.
JarOfYummyPickles.png Jar of Yummy Pickles おーいしいピクルス
Yummy Pickles
From the 5th Magypsy to have their Needle pulled. To be delivered to Ionia.
WatersOfTime.png Waters of Time じかんのみず
Waters of Time
Argilla Pass (from Ionia) Allows entry to Chupichupyoi Temple.
RopeSnakeItem.png Rope Snake ヒモヘビ
Rope Snake
Saturn Valley Used to grapple on to things and swing across.
FranklinBadge.png Franklin Badge フランクリンバッヂ
Franklin Badge
Argilla Pass (from Mr. Saturn) Reflects thunder element attacks that hit Lucas.

Chapter 8

Name Japanese Obtained Effect
StinkbugsMemory.png Stinkbug's Memory ヘコキムシのきおく
Stinkbug's Memory
New Pork City sewers (from Leder) Details the events of the White Ship.
PencilEraser.png Pencil Eraser タコけしマシン
Octopus Erasing Machine
Empire Porky Building Erases a nearby Pencil Statue.
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