Chapter 5

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Chapter 5
Tower of Thunder
Thunder Tower

Chapter 5.png
Playable character Lucas
Main party Lucas
Main locations Murasaki Forest
Unknown Valley
Thunder Tower

Chapter 5 is the fifth numbered chapter in Mother 3, out of the 8 chapters in the game.


Warning! Spoiler warning: this article or section may contain major plot or ending details! Proceed with caution.

Egg Hunting

A brief flashback of Duster burying the Egg of Light in an old Clayman is shown, before cutting back to the present and showing Duster and his friends standing near a waterfall and a cave entrance. Duster states that if the group goes straight from this location, there will be a hole that he must have hid the egg in. Continuing northwards, the four of them find a clearing with a large hole, among many other holes. Duster says that he doesn't quite recall there being these many holes, and that they'll have to simply jump down them at random to find the egg. After much trial and error, they find a path in one of the holes, leading to an old and weathered Clayman. Duster recognizes the Clayman as being the one that he buried the Egg in, and examines it closer. However, before he gets a chance to dig out the Egg of Light, a bolt of lightning zaps the Clayman and thus is powered up, running off with the Egg in tow! Everyone chases after it, and encounter a large tower on the way. Kumatora wonders what the tower's purpose is, but then says that retrieving the Egg of Light is much more important, and that they can think about the giant tower later.

After following the path in Unknown Valley for a while, the four of them find another factory. Three Pigmasks are outside of the factory's entrance, having a conversation about taking their Pigmask masks off while in the bathroom. One of them notices Lucas standing there, mistakes him for the Pigmask Army's commander, and runs off to get a higher officer. A Pigmask Captain walks in, and is apparently rather startled by the "Commander"'s sudden appearance. He wonders why he has switched around his party members, and insists that Lucas and his team change out of their current clothing. The Pigmask then gives Duster and Kumatora Pigmask uniforms, Boney a Pigmask helmet, and Lucas a suit closely resembling the Masked Man's. Duster realizes that this mistake may give them an advantage when trying to look for the old Clayman, with a disguise of Pigmasks and the army's commander letting them reach areas they couldn't before.

When they exit the factory, the malfunctioning Clayman is shown to be entering a garbage truck, and the truck drives off. They rush to follow the truck, and almost get hit by a Pork Bean in a tunnel. The Pigmask piloting it almost shouts at them for being in the way, but notices Lucas and also mistakes him for the Commander, apologizing immediately. He offers for him to use his Pork Bean, guessing that the "Commander" must have thrown something away on accident. However, when they take off in the Pork Bean, it isn't long until they slip on some old banana peels on the road, and crash. A Pork Trooper notices the "Commander" lying unconscious on the road, and when he gets up, he offers to give him the Pork Bean for his use. However, the Pork Trooper pauses for a moment, and then recognizes Lucas and Boney from Club Titiboo, thus seeing right through their disguise. He attacks them, but the four of them manage to defeat him, and he allows them to use his Pork Bean.

Lucas and his team take the Pork Bean down to the highway, which leads to the garbage dump. On the highway, various things can be accomplished, such as doing a small sidequest to reunite a family of mice and obtain the Shield Snatcher from them. There is also an unhealthily dirty diner, along with various charge stations for Pork Beans. Near the end of the highway, there is a garbage dump, and the four of them have arrived just in time for the garbage truck to dump the Clayman into the ditch. They rush over there, but another Clayman in the trash comes to life and attacks everyone. After fighting it off, Duster finally uncovers the Egg of Light from the old Clayman, completely in tact and now safe. He also miraculously recovers his memory in the process, recalling everything up to the point where they stole the Egg from Osohe Castle and when he disappeared. A Pigmask passes by in a Pork Bean, and stops to get out. He calls out to the "Commander" and wonders what business he has doing in a garbage dump, and takes him to Thunder Tower for apparent maintenance.

Up the Tower

They arrive at the large tower shortly, and the Pigmask urges Lucas to hurry to the generator. Surveying the area inside the tower, apparently there has been insufficient energy to power the electric generator, and the tower is in large danger of breaking down completely if they don't produce enough electricity. On the way to the generator, however, they are stopped by the Pork Trooper they met earlier. He is wearing new and improved armor, and fights the group. He is taken down once again, however, but before Lucas and his friends can proceed further in the tower, Fassad spots them. He threatens Lucas with re-inflicting the pain caused by him with the Drago attack three years ago, and Lucas flees with his party up the nearby ladder. They all take off their disguises, and continue running up the tower.

About halfway up Thunder Tower, there is a room filled with presents and toys. A robot maid patrols a glass case with a yo-yo inside of it, and when Lucas approaches the glass case, she attacks him. When she is defeated, she explodes after battle, and Lucas takes the special yo-yo with him. They proceed to climb the tower, intending to reach the massive generator at the top and destroy it. On the way up, Lucas gets hit by lightning and instead of getting injured, he learns PK Flash. They finally reach the generator and its security system, Mr. Genetor, and after a long and dangerous fight, defeat the giant security robot and destroy the generator.

However, the destruction of the generator also causes the tower to shut down and risk collapsing. Fassad finally catches up with the group, and has plans to take down Lucas and destroy the tower in one move. They climb up to the very top of the tower on the large spherical roof, and Fassad orders for the tower to be destroyed and for an airship to come pick him up as soon as possible. He stops to eat a banana, however, he slips on the peel and falls off of the tower. The airship comes and drops a rope ladder, not knowing of Fassad's recent accident. Duster quickly tells everyone to hold onto him, and he uses Rope Snake to latch onto the rope ladder, saving them from the tower's destruction. A Pigmask looks out of the door and is rather flushed to not see Fassad, but instead the four intruders! He runs back inside, and the Masked Man goes to take a look outside. He then walks back inside, and the ship starts shaking wildly. Duster tells everyone to hold on as tight as they can, however, Rope Snake states that he cannot hold on for any longer, as his jaw wasn't made to support the weight of three people and a dog. They all then fall, and are separated once again.

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