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ダスター Duster
Duster M3 Sprite Upscaled.png
Duster as seen in Mother 3
Gender Male
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 1
Residence Tazmily Village
Relatives Wess (father)
Occupation Thief
Bass player for DCMC
Traveling partners Flint
Signature weapon Shoes
Non-PSI ability Thief Tools
Combo Instrument
Bass Guitar

Duster is one of the main characters in Mother 3, and first appears in Chapter 1. He is an amateur thief residing in Tazmily Village.

In Mother 3


Warning! Spoiler warning: this article or section may contain major plot or ending details! Proceed with caution.

In his childhood, he has studied various thief techniques from his father, Wess. It is hinted at that his crippled leg was a result of Wess pushing him too hard in his training. He is also mostly nocturnal, being active during the night and sleeping during the daytime.

Duster first appears in Chapter 1, when Flint needs assistance in scaling a cliff. Wess suggests that his son should be able to help him out with his thief techniques, and sends Boney out to search for him. When Boney gets to his house, he is fast asleep, and Boney resorts to dragging him across the ground to the scene. Halfway there, Duster wakes up and follows Boney to where Flint and Wess are. He uses his Wall Staples to climb up the cliff, and Flint proceeds with his search. Duster is also present in his party for a short time.

He later appears in Chapter 2 as the main playable character, and has been sent out to Osohe Castle by his father to retrieve the Egg of Light. Wess gives him the remaining five techniques to use, as the situation is very urgent. Wess does not tell him the specific item he needs to steal, however, and Duster ends up retrieving the Noble Spittoon at first. On the second trip to Osohe Castle, Wess accompanies him, and they also meet Kumatora inside the castle. They successfully retrieve the Egg of Light, although due to some traps the castle had set up, Duster and the egg go missing.

Three years later, a mysterious bassist known as Lucky has started performing with DCMC. Various villagers that have visited Club Titiboo have commented that Lucky very closely resembles Duster, who had gone missing without a trace three years ago. Lucas visits the club and meets up with Kumatora there, and she asks him if he could speak with Lucky and see if he really was Duster. Lucky apparently had no recollection of anything before three years ago, and Kumatora suspected that he was an amnesic Duster. Even after speaking with Lucas, he did not remember anything, but decided to go with him anyway to locate the lost Egg of Light. In Chapter 5, they end up finding the Egg of Light hidden away inside an old Clayman, and upon recovering it, he regains all of his memories.

After getting seperated at the end of Chapter 5, Duster ends up in Saturn Valley, where the Mr. Saturn there looked after him, but eventually they all get caught by Pigmasks, who try to scare the residents into giving out important info. By beating the Pigmasks and their Frightbots, Lucas is able to reunite with Duster.

In Chapter 8, in the MT Apartments, it is revealed in Leder's speech that Duster's role in Tazmily Village's "story" was to retrieve the Egg of Light in case an emergency occurred, and to act as Kumatora's retainer. Duster follows the party throughout the entirety of the Chapter, even performing as Lucky with the DCMC one last time at the 24th floor of the Empire Porky Building, but is knocked out of participating in the game's final boss against the Masked Man. He afterwards witnesses the pulling of the final Needle, and is implied to be among the crowd of people surrounding the player in the darkness after the end of the game.

Special abilities

Main article: Thief Tools

Duster has a variety of special abilities, all relating to his thief skills.

  • Wall Staples: Climbs up certain cliffs and walls, also can be used in battle to render an enemy immobile.
  • Smoke Bomb: In-battle only, makes one enemy cry uncontrollably.
  • Hypno-Pendulum: In-battle only, puts one enemy to sleep.
  • Siren Beetle: In-battle only, makes one enemy turn around and make them waste one turn.
  • Scary Mask: In-battle only, lowers one enemy's offense.
  • Tickle Stick: In-battle only, lowers one enemy's defense.

He also owns a Rope Snake that he purchased in Chapter 2 from a ghost in Osohe Castle. He uses it to latch onto various objects, such as swinging from a mounted candlestick, or holding onto flying objects.

Duster also has a small chance of doing random actions at the start of battles before the turn starts. Such actions are attacking a random enemy and flipping behind an enemy, if he was snuck up from behind.

Normal Duster
Duster wall staples.png
Duster with his Wall Staples
Duster when he lost his memory under the alias Lucky


  • Duster is a part of the set of characters who love cheese, and recover more HP from Peculiar Cheese
  • If the player gives Duster the name "Lucky", he will instead be named "Gorgeous" when playing for the DCMC.
  • As Lucky, he wears a black wig when performing at the Empire Porky Building, instead of the brown one he left behind. An older man NPC at the show can be seen wearing his old wig.
  • Duster only has a single Sound Battle hit sound, but there are others in the sound data for the game which are not correctly applied to him. This was restored through hacking in the version 1.2 patch of the Mother 3 fan translation.
  • In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, Lucas has an alternate costume with a color palette that resembles Duster's.
  • Additionally, in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the alternate costume returns, and Duster is also featured as a Spirit with an associated Spirit Battle. In it, you fight an alternate costume Luigi who has a preference towards kicking moves and is fought in a foggy arena, resembling Duster's Smoke Bomb.
  • In an unused set of dialogue meant for the elevator ride leading to the New Pork City underground, Duster reminisces on his mother, not mentioned of in the final release, who died long before the events of the game. He also concludes that although his memories are fabricated, Wes must truly be his real father.[1]


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