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くつ Shoes
In-game sprite of the Ordinary Shoes
Type Weapon
Appears in Mother 3

Shoes are equippable items present in Mother 3. They are Duster's signature weapon.


When equipped, Shoes will increase the Offense of the holder as well as other stats for specific ones. They are only equippable by Duster. There are various types of shoes, having different levels of power and different effects.

List of shoes

List of sticks in Mother 3
Name Japanese Offense Price Additional effects Where to obtain

OrdinaryShoes.png Ordinary Shoes いつものくつ
Ordinary Shoes
+6 N/A Equipped on Duster at start
Favorite shoes that have long since become worn in. Offense +6.

DurableShoes.png Durable Shoes じょうぶなくつ
Durable Shoes
+12 N/A Osohe Castle (present)
Shoes made from tough, thick leather. Offense +12.

SharpShoes.png Sharp Shoes するどいくつ
Sharp Shoes
+17 480 DP Small Cave
Shoes with toes that are slightly pointed. Offense +17.

RubberBoots.png Rubber Boots ゴムなが
Rubber Boots
+25 1360 DP Lowers damage from lightning by 10% Thunder Tower
Somewhat strong against lightning. Offense +25.

BarefootShoes.png Barefoot Shoes はだしのくつ
Barefoot Shoes
+38 1520 DP Saturn Valley
Shoes with bare feet printed on them. Offense +38.

MysticalShoes.png Mystical Shoes まぼろしのくつ
Mystical Shoes
+40 N/A HP +15
IQ +5
Speed +7
Osohe Castle (Guarded by Lord Passion; Chapter 5 only)
Shoes like something right out of a fairy tale. Offense +40.

Non-SlipShoes.png Non-Slip Shoes すべらないくつ
Non-Slip Shoes
+58 3660 DP Argilla Pass
Shoes with extra things on the bottom. Offense +58.

GoodShoes.png Good Shoes いいくつ
Good Shoes
+70 3520 DP Speed +5 New Pork City
Carefully crafted shoes. Offense +70.

UltimateShoes.png Ultimate Shoes さいこうのくつ
Ultimate Shoes
+82 3520 DP Empire Porky Building (present)
Shoes with unrivaled comfort. Offense +82.

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