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Collars are Boney's signature weapon in Mother 3. There are several kinds of collars, each of them increasing his offense and defense on various levels, in addition to lowering damage from PSI attacks.

List of collars

List of collars
Name Japanese Status Added PSI Resistences Price Where

WhiteCollar.png White Collar しろのくびわ
White Collar
N/A N/A Equipped on Boney at start.
Defense +10. Offense +10.

BrownCollar.png Brown Collar ちゃのくびわ
Brown Collar
PK Fire -5%
PK Thunder -5%
PK Freeze -5%
1600DP Highway (present)
Offense +20. Defense +20.

BlackCollar.png Black Collar くろのくびわ
Black Collar
PK Fire -15%
PK Thunder -15%
PK Freeze -15%
N/A Saturn Valley (present)
Offense+30. Defense +30.

StripedCollar.png Striped Collar だんだらのくびわ
Striped Collar
PK Fire -20%
PK Thunder -20%
PK Freeze -20%
N/A Argilla Pass (present)
Offense +40. Defense +40.

RedCollar.png Red Collar あかのくびわ
Red Collar
PK Fire -25%
PK Thunder -25%
PK Freeze -25%
N/A Empire Porky Building (present)
Offense+50. Defense +50.


  • Unlike other characters in Mother 3, Boney does not equip his signature weapon in the "Weapon" slot, instead being equipped in the "Body" slot.
    • Boney has only one weapon that can be equipped in the "Weapon" slot, the Canine Weapon. However, it is only obtainable very late in the game, only appearing in a gift box in the Empire Porky Building.
  • Only the Brown Collar is purchasable, although it is also found in a present, making the purchase optional. Because of this, all of the other collars in the game are only obtained once through presents.

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