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Slingshots are equippable weapons appearing in EarthBound Beginnings and EarthBound, and are usable by all of the party members in both games. In EarthBound, all of the slingshots miss 18.75% of the time.

In EarthBound Beginnings



The Slingshot (スリングショット Slingshot) is one of two equippable items in the game that can be used by any party member, the other one being the Boomerang. The Slingshot increases its user's Offense by 7 when equipped, and can be purchased for $120 on the second floor of the department store of Podunk. It can otherwise be obtained from a present in the second classroom from the right on the second floor of Twinkle Elementary School. Being an item which is obtainable rather early in the game, it is generally considered to provide with pretty poor offense.

In-game description

"A handy weapon, that anyone can USE."

In EarthBound

Slingshots in EarthBound, like yo-yos, can be used by any party member but reduce their accuracy by 18.75%.

List of slingshots in EarthBound
Name Japanese Offense Price Additional effects Where to obtain

Slingshot スリングショット
+12 $89 Lowered accuracy Twoson
A decent little weapon.

Bionic slingshot スーパースリング
Super slingshot
+32 $998 Lowered accuracy Saturn Valley
A pretty powerful weapon.

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