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ブーメラン Boomerang
Artwork from Encyclopedia Mother
Type Weapon
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings

The Boomerang (Japanese: ブーメラン Boomerang) is an equippable weapon which only appears in EarthBound Beginnings.


When equipped, it increases the carrier's Offense stat by 32. It is a universal weapon, being one of two weapons that every party member can use. The Boomerang does not return in the later two games, however yo-yos have a similar role suggesting they serve as its replacement.

Where to find

One Boomerang can be achieved for free in Queen Mary's Castle, by opening the present located in the upper left corner in the room which contains six presents. Only one of the six presents can be opened, thus leading to that particular Boomerang becoming unobtainable if the player opens one of the other five. Additionally, it can be bought from the department stores of Merrysville and Reindeer for $1100 each.

In-game description

Be careful, this isn't a toy. Anyone can USE it as a weapon.