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ぼうっきれ Stick
In-game sprite of the Stick
Type Weapon
Appears in Mother 3

Sticks are equippable items appearing only in Mother 3. They are used as Flint and Lucas's weapons.


When equipped, sticks will raise the Offense of the holder, with some having additional effects. Sticks are primarily used by Lucas throughout the game and by Flint in Chapter 1. They take the appearance of wooden sticks, lumber, rods, and a scepter.

Sticks are comparable to baseball bats found in the previous games, as they are primarily used by the main party member in Mother 3 much like baseball bats. Furthermore only two baseball bats are present in Mother 3 suggesting sticks were intended to fulfill their purpose.

List of sticks

List of sticks in Mother 3
Name Japanese Offense Price Additional effects Where to obtain

Stick.png Stick ぼうっきれ
+2 N/A Boney's doghouse
10% drop by Squawking Sticks
An undeniably plain stick. Offense +2.

LightersLumber.png Lighter's Lumber ライタのカクザイ
Lighter's Lumber
+6 N/A Speed -3 (Flint only) Sunshine Forest
Lighter's favorite four-by-four. Offense +6.

DCMCPamphlet.png DCMC Pamphlet DCMCパンフ
DCMC Pamphlet
+8 N/A Club Titiboo
Effective against DCMC fans. Offense +8.

Easy-GripStick.png Easy-Grip Stick にぎりやすいぼう
Easy-Grip Stick
+15 N/A Equipped on Lucas at start of Chapter 4
A carved stick with an easy grip. Offense +15.

FreshLumber.png Fresh Lumber あたらしいカクザイ
Fresh Lumber
+16 N/A Speed -4 (Flint only) Drago Plateau (present)
Freshly-cut lumber. Offense +16.

BetterStick.png Better Stick ましなぼう
Better Stick
+20 500 DP Thomas's Bazaar
Club Titiboo
Well, it's better than a plain stick. Offense +20.

GoodStick.png Good Stick いいぼう
Good Stick
+27 1500 DP 5% drop by Squawking Sticks
Thunder Tower
A stick that's quite easy to wield. Offense +27.

VeryGoodStick.png Very Good Stick とてもいいぼう
Very Good Stick
+34 2000 DP Chimera Lab
A high-quality stick that fits comfortably in the hand. Offense +34.

FunnyStick.png Funny Stick おもしろいぼう
Funny Stick
+40 2400 DP Saturn Valley
A stick that calms the spirit. Offense +40.

VigorStick.png Vigor Stick きはくのぼう
Vigor Stick
+50 N/A Tanetane Island (present)
A stick that invigorates the holder. Offense +50.

CleverStick.png Clever Stick たくみのぼう
Clever Stick
+62 3980 DP Argilla Pass
A stick that almost seems to mesmerize those who see it. Offense +62.

MasterStick.png Master Stick めいじんのぼう
Master Stick
+75 4860 DP New Pork City
A stick that invokes tense emotions. Offense +75.

MysticalStick.png Mystical Stick まぼろしのぼう
Mystical Stick
+90 N/A HP +10
PP +10
IQ +5
Speed +5
3% drop by Heftyheads
It's a miracle that this stick is right here. Offense +90.

In the Super Smash Bros. series

Lucas using a stick in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Similar to how Ness uses a baseball bat, Lucas uses a stick for his forward smash throughout the Super Smash Bros. series. Lucas swings his stick faster and deals less damage compared to Ness's. Like Ness's baseball bat, Lucas's stick reflects projectiles with correct timing.

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