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Club Titiboo

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Club Titiboo
クラブ・チチブー Club Titiboo

Club Titiboo.png
The mountain on which the Club is located.

Connected areas
Murasaki Forest
Ride the Ropeway*
Club Titiboo Theme*
Girl's Room*
The Attic's a Dungeon?!*
Lucky's Room*

Club Titiboo is an area in Mother 3, and is where the later events of Chapter 4 occur. Club Titiboo is a concert hall where the workers at the factory hang out after work, the famous band known as the DCMC perform there. The waitresses at Club Titiboo end their sentences with a giggle, which Kumatora was forced to do while she worked there.


The first room is the lobby, where the player can buy DCMC items from a salesman, soda from a vending machine and food at a stand. The upper door in the lobby leads to the concert hall, where the DCMC plays. There are also two lateral rooms, consisting of bathrooms to the left, where a Save Frog can be found, and the band members' rooms to the right. There is an underground passage on the right side, which leads to Kumatora's room.


There is also the attic "dungeon", which is used as a passageway to reach Lucky's room. The attic is a large maze consisting of many room, most leading to "dead ends" made from crates or large pipes. There is a black pipeline which acts as a guide to taking the correct paths, however, as well as the correct doorways appearing blue on the in-game map. In the south eastmost room are two elderly mice which will respectivrly give a Nut Bread and a Peculiar Cheese when spoken to. The same room has three presents containing "nice things" which will fully heal the party, as well as well as increasing the Kindness stat. The last room is where Lucas and Boney fight the Jealous Bass, before arriving at Lucky's room. After entering Lucky's room, the player can no longer return to the attic.


During Chapter 4, a band named the DCMC performs at Club Titiboo. One of its members, named Lucky, closely resembles Duster. In order to gain access to Club Titiboo, a Ropeway which accepts tickets must be ridden. These tickets are expensive, however, so many people get jobs at the Factory to get them. Kumatora works at Club Titiboo temporarily to gain information on Lucky and his identity, under the identity of Violet, becoming very popular with the men there. Lucas and Boney visit the club also to find out more information on the bassist Lucky. The security guards Skinhead and Neckbeard, however, refuse to let them in as dogs are not allowed, so Lucas puts clothes on Boney as an attempt to disguise him. The security are suspicious and still refuse to let them in, however Kumatora (as Violet) recognizes them and pretends that they are common visitors, and so they are let inside.

Lucas and Boney then watch a DCMC performance. During the performance, Lucky's wig pops off hinting that he is Duster. Kumatora then assists Lucas to go to Lucky's room to meet him, and convince him that he is indeed Duster. Due to the security guard blocking the way, Lucas and Boney detour into the attic to reach there. When Lucas makes it to Lucky's room, Lucky is given the choice to stay with the DCMC or go back to his former identity as Duster, which he leaves up to a game of Stone-Sheet-Clippers. The DCMC gives Duster a farewell song to send him and Lucas's party off, signifying the end of the chapter.

During Chapter 5, the DCMC no longer perform there due to Duster leaving, and Club Titiboo is shut down in Chapter 7, left completely deserted.

Memo description

On the outside, it appears to be an entertainment center for people who work at the factory, but...

...it seems as though it could have quite another side to it.


This shop specializes in puddings and pendants!
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Vending machine

Vending machine
Soda Machine.png
Item Price Effect
{{{Size}}} Big City Cola 10 DP Restores 30 HP

DCMC Merchandise Salesman

DCMC Merchandise Salesman
Item Price Effect
{{{Size}}} DCMC Shirt 360 DP Equipment for Lucas, Duster, and Kumatora
{{{Size}}} DCMC Hat 200 DP Equipment for Lucas and Boney
{{{Size}}} DCMC Ring 200 DP Equipment for Lucas, Duster, and Kumatora
{{{Size}}} Pickled Veggie Plate 10 DP Restores 10 HP

Food stand

Food stand
Item Price Effect
{{{Size}}} Big City Soda 8 DP Restores 20 HP
{{{Size}}} Big City Cola 50 DP Restores 30 HP
{{{Size}}} Big City Burger 60 DP Restores 100 HP
{{{Size}}} Bag of Big City Fries 40 DP Restores 70 HP
{{{Size}}} Doggy Biscuit 16 DP Restores 60 HP* or 6 HP*


Item Price Effect
{{{Size}}} Better Stick 500 DP Weapon for Lucas
{{{Size}}} Bread Roll 30 DP Restores 60 HP
{{{Size}}} Antidote 8 DP Recovers from poison
{{{Size}}} Anti-Paralysis 14 DP Recovers from numbness
{{{Size}}} Sprinting Bomb 200 DP Bomb element damage to all enemies
{{{Size}}} Pencil Rocket 500 DP Bomb element damage to all enemies
{{{Size}}} Bug Spray 100 DP Kills a single insect enemy instantly
{{{Size}}} Made-You-Look 50 DP Turns an enemy to face the other direction
(comparable to the Siren Beetle)


Item Location
Made-You-Look.png Made-You-Look Found in the southernmost area in the underground passageway
SaltwaterGun.png Saltwater Gun Found in the southernmost area in the underground passageway


Item Location
Map.png Attic Guide From the entrance, entering through the doorway to the left where the Item Guy is also found
Antidote.png Antidote From the entrance, entering through the doorway to the right then the doorway straight ahead
BagOfBigCityFries.png Bag of Big City Fries From the northeast most room, by entering the lower doorway to the left
BugSpray.png Bug Spray From the entrance room, by entering the doorway to the right, then near the doorway to the left
MagicGelatin.png Magic Gelatin In the room just before the Jealous Bass
MagicTart.png Magic Tart From the entrance room, by entering the doorway to the right, then the rightmost doorway
NutBread.png Nut Bread In the room with the two mice at the table, from speakig to the moust on the right
PeculiarCheese.png Peculiar Cheese In the room with the two mice at the table, from speakig to the moust on the left
Sprintingbomb.png Sprinting Bomb In the northeast most room


Underground passageway

Sprite Enemy name Notes
SlimySlugOverworld.png Slimy Slug None


Sprite Enemy name Notes
GreedierMouseOverworld.png Greedier Mouse None
Arachnid!!!!Overworld.png Arachnid!!!! None
ElderBattyOverworld M3.png Elder Batty None
GentlyWeepingGuitarOverworld.png Gently Weeping Guitar None
BeatenDrumOverworld.png Beaten Drum None
JealousBassOverworld.png Jealous Bass Boss


Club Titiboo outside.png
Outside of Club Titiboo.
Club Titiboo inside.png
Inside the lobby.
Club Titiboo stage.png
The stage area, where DCMC performs.
Club titiboo map.png
A map of the interior.
The attic


  • After the DCMC's final show, a guitar pick is left on the floor by the stage.
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