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Sunshine Forest

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Sunshine Forest
テリのもり Telly Forest

Sunshine Forest.jpg
The Sunshine Forest under attack

Nowhere Islands
Connected areas
Tazmily Village
Mt. Oriander

Sunshine Forest is a forest in Mother 3. It was once a peaceful area, but after it caught on fire in Chapter 1, the animals residing inside the forest became very agitated and would often attack people. Sunshine Forest later became home to a number of Chimeras.

In Mother 3

In Chapter 1

The Sunshine Forest is first featured when the Pigmask Army sets Fireflies loose that set fire to the forest. Lighter is found deep inside the forest, begging Flint to rescue Fuel, still inside his home. Thomas remains with Lighter to tend to his wounds. Deeper in, Lighter's home is caught on fire as well. Destroying a barricade, Flint rescues Fuel and, though they are both covered in soot, they escape unharmed. After Flint escorts Fuel back to the village, a rain puts out the fire.

Later, during their search for Flint's family, lightning strikes, knocking down a tree. Flint is forced to take a less safe route up Mt. Oriander, with aid of Duster's Wall Staples. On the way back, Flint is told the children were found; however, their mother was found dead with a Drago's fang in her heart.

In Chapter 3

After Fassad's speech to the Tazmily Villagers, Salsa is forced to deliver a Happy Box to four people, with Isaac being located in the forest. Later, after being rescued, Salsa's party is forced to escape through the forest, reaching a dead end. They are attacked by the Pork Tank there, with its defeat signifying the end of the chapter.

In Chapter 7

Towards the end of Chapter 7, Lucas's party is forced to pass through the forest on the way to Ionia's home.


Forest area

Chapter 1

Sprite Enemy name Notes
MrBattyOverworldM3.png Mr. Batty At night only
YammonsterOverworld.png Yammonster During fire only
MightyBiteySnakeOverworld.png Mighty Bitey Snake None
FireflyOverworld.png Firefly Boss, x3
FlyingMouseOverworld.png Flying Mouse Boss, appears as a regular enemy during the day
BakedYammonsterOverworld.png Baked Yammonster After fire only
PrayingMantisOverworld.png Praying Mantis During day only
GreedyMouseOverworld.png Greedy Mouse During day only
BeanlingOverworld.png Beanling Very rare, during day only in certain areas, gives out a large amount of experience when defeated
SootDumplingOverworld.png Soot Dumpling Uncommon, around Lighter's house after the fire

Chapter 3

Sprite Enemy name Notes
GreedyMouseOverworld.png Greedy Mouse During Happy Box delivery
PrayingMantisOverworld.png Praying Mantis During Happy Box delivery
PigmaskOverworld.png Pigmask Escape sequence only
ReconMechOverworld.png Recon Mech Escape sequence only
PorkTankOverworld.png Pork Tank Boss

Chapter 4-7

Sprite Enemy name Notes
SlitherhenOverworld.png Slitherhen None
ReallyFlyingMouseOverworld.png Really Flying Mouse None
GratedYammonsterOverworld.png Grated Yammonster May be difficult to defeat when first encountered
BlackBeanlingOverworld.png Black Beanling Very rare, only in certain areas, gives out a large amount of experience when defeated

Cliff area

Chapter 1

Sprite Enemy name Notes
SpudBugOverworld.png Spud Bug During day only
WalkingBushieOverworld.png Walking Bushie During day only
MischievousMoleOverworld.png Mischievous Mole Cave above cliff
ReconstructedCaribouOverworld.png Reconstructed Caribou Boss

Chapter 4-7

Sprite Enemy name Notes
BigSpudBugOverworld.png Big Spud Bug None
WalkingBushieOverworld.png Walking Bushie None

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