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せんろ Railway

Railway Spring.png
The hot spring along the Railway.

Connected areas
Tazmily Village
Murasaki Forest
What's Beyond the Tunnel?

The Railway is an area in Mother 3 connecting Tazmily Village and Murasaki Forest. The train that rides on the railway is used to transport workers to the Factory.


The railroad begins at the station located in the crossroad in Tazmily Village, from there it is a simple straight route east until reaching the Factory station in Murasaki Forest. From the crossroad it enters a tunnel leading to a forested area, then continues to another tunnel leasing to the center area. There a hot spring is found, where Ionia teaches Lucas how to use PSI. The next tunnel leads to a small bridge, before going into the final tunnel and exiting at the station where the Factory is located. At one point the train will pass through forcing Lucas and Boney to dodge it, sould they get hit by it they will be sent back to Tazmily Village.


Sprite Enemy name Notes
RamblinMushroomOverworld.png Ramblin' Mushroom None
SlitherhenOverworld.png Slitherhen None
MuttshroomOverworld.png Muttshroom None
ReallyFlyingMouseOverworld.png Really Flying Mouse None
ReconstructedMoleOverworld.png Reconstructed Mole None
SquawkingStickOverworld.png Squawking Stick Until Chapter 7
CattlesnakeOverworld.png Cattlesnake Very difficult when first encountered
SquawkingBoomstickOverworld.png Squawking Boomstick Chapter 7 only

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