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Saturn Valley (Mother 3)

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This article is about the location known as Saturn Valley in Mother 3. For the location with the same name in EarthBound, see Saturn Valley (EarthBound)
Saturn Valley
どせいだに Saturn Valley

Saturn Valley M3.png
Map of Saturn Valley in Mother 3.

Nowhere Islands
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Fire Mountain
Mr. Saturn Theme Z

Saturn Valley is a settlement in Mother 3 accessed east from the Highway system in Chapter 7. Implied by the map, it is to the east of the Nowhere Islands at the foot of Fire Mountain. Like it's EarthBound counterpart, it is home to the creatures known as the Mr. Saturns.


Saturn Valley in Mother 3 can be accessed from the Highway system during Chapter 7, as the name implies it is at the bottom of a small valley. It is visually similar to EarthBound's Saturn Valley, except the surrounding mountains are rocky rather than grassy. It is a small village condisting of four futuristic houses designed after the Mr. Saturns themselves. North of the village area is a hot spring accessable via a cave. A ladder above the hot spring leads to a cliff surrounding an inaccessible group of trees before reaching a scalable cliff where Duster can place his wall staples, and above it is the entrance to Fire Mountain.


When Lucas and company arrive, they find that the Mr. Saturns are under attack by the Pigmask Army, who are attempting to torture them with Frightbots in order to find the location of the next needle. It is here that Duster is rescued and rejoins Lucas's party.

After they are freed, the Mr. Saturns inform the heroes that there is a Magypsy living to the north in Fire Mountain, guarding a needle there. The Mr. Saturns also help them ascend by forming a ladder until Duster reaches a portion of the wall on which he can use Wall Staples. At this point, the Saturn-ladder collapses, though they put up a proper metal ladder afterwards.

After the defeat of New Fassad and the pulling of Phrygia's needle, the Pigmasks bomb the entrance to Saturn Valley, forcing Lucas and company to depart by a flying birdcage, hooked on by Rope Snake. However, Rope Snake's jaw eventually gives way, causing the party to land on the beach near Tazmily Village.

Memo description

According to the person at the Chimera Lab, far to the east of the highway live creatures who go by the name of Mr. Saturn.


Item Location
BlackCollar.png Black Collar On the small cliff in the northwest corner accessed from the ladder
CupOfLifenoodles.png Cup of Lifenoodles Beside the hot spring
GoodKidsShirt.png Good Kid's Shirt Inside the southeast house
StrawberryTofu.png Strawberry Tofu Inside the northwest house
SilverDragonfly.png Silver Dragonfly Inside the northwest house

Shops and businesses


Mr. Saturn store (left vendor)
EB Mr Saturn.png
Item Price Effect
{{{Size}}} Funny Stick 2400 DP Weapon for Lucas
{{{Size}}} Sevolg 1200 DP Weapon for Kumatora
{{{Size}}} Barefoot Shoes 1520 DP Weapon for Duster
{{{Size}}} Flame Pendant 1500 DP Armor for Lucas, Kumatora, Duster, and Boney
{{{Size}}} Ice Pendant 1500 DP Armor for Lucas, Kumatora, Duster, and Boney
{{{Size}}} Thunder Pendant 1500 DP Armor for Lucas, Kumatora, Duster, and Boney
{{{Size}}} Boing Ribbon 780 DP Armor for Kumatora and Boney
{{{Size}}} Rail Bandana 940 DP Armor for Duster
{{{Size}}} Leo Bracelet 1600 DP Armor for Lucas, Kumatora, and Duster
{{{Size}}} Honey Shower 300 DP Causes bees to attack the enemy
{{{Size}}} Attack Attractor 400 DP Causes all other enemies to attack the targeted enemy

Mr. Saturn store (right vendor)
EB Mr Saturn.png
Item Price Effect
{{{Size}}} White Croissant 40 DP Restores 70 HP
{{{Size}}} Strawberry Tofu 180 DP Restores 120 HP
{{{Size}}} Lucky Rice 126 DP Restores a random amount of HP
{{{Size}}} Lotto Meal 104 DP Causes a random effect in battle
{{{Size}}} Doggy Jerky 54 DP Restores 150 HP* or 6 HP*
{{{Size}}} Secret Herb 600 DP Heals all status ailments and partially revives unconscious friends.
{{{Size}}} Cup of Lifenoodles 1780 DP Heals all status ailments, and fully revitalizes unconscious friends.


Sprite Enemy name Notes
FrightbotOverworld.png Frightbot Five total
PigmaskCaptainOverworld.png Pigmask Captain Two total
PigmaskMajorOverworld.png Pigmask Major Two total
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