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Saturn Valley (EarthBound)

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Warning! Spoiler warning: this article or section may contain major plot or ending details! Proceed with caution.
This article is about the location known as Saturn Valley in EarthBound. For the location with the same name in EarthBound, see Saturn Valley (Mother 3)
Saturn Valley
サターンバレー Saturn Valley

Full view of Saturn Valley

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Connected areas
Grapefruit Falls
Belch's Base
Milky Well

Saturn Valley is a location found in EarthBound. The valley is set east of Grapefruit Falls and north of Threed. It is a small village found in a valley and is home to the beings known as Mr. Saturn, all of the buildings have a futuristic look that vaguely resemble the Mr. Saturns. The signs in the village all use the unique Mr. Saturn font which is also used by the Mr. Saturns themselves. The village also serves as an access to to the third Sanctuary, the Milky Well.

The music for Saturn Valley in this game seems to resemble that of the Ruins of Desert of EarthBound Beginnings. Mother 3 also has a location known as Saturn Valley and is similarly where Mr. Saturns live.


Saturn Valley is accessed from a cave in Grapefruit Falls. The village consists of three buildings, two on the lower section near a pond, and one on a ledge of the north mountain. On the bottom area, the left house is an inn which can be used free of charge. The house right of the pond contains Dr. Saturn who cures any status ailment for free. The house on the ledge is the shop.

Several caves are scattered throughout the village which contain either items or other Mr. Saturns. Access to the above level is via the westmost cave with the ladder. There are also ladders scattered throughout the village which lead either to the higher areas or to nothing. After defeating Master Belch a hot spring also becomes accessible in the northeast of the valley, and in addition the cave leading to Milky Well.


During the first visit, Ness, Paula and Jeff find that many of the Mr. Saturns were captured and forced to be slaves of Master Belch. A Mr. Saturn in a cave will reveal the "password" to Belch's Base being to wait three minutes behind Grapefruit Falls. With this knowledge, Ness and his friends set out to defeat Master Belch and rescue the captured Mr. Saturns and the town of Threed. After Master Belch's defeat, the captured Mr. Saturns return to the village. After a coffee break near the hot spring, the trio then take on the challenge of Milky Well.

Near the end of the game, Ness and his party return to the valley as the Mr. Saturns, Dr. Andonuts and the Apple Kid collaborate to create the Phase Distorter, a vital machine to travel to the past and defeat Giygas. On the first attempt to use the Phase Distorter, it fails to work. Dr. Andonuts states that it needs Zexonyte to work, which can be extracted from a piece of the meteorite that landed in Onett at the start of the game. Ness brings the Zexonyte to Dr. Andonuts and the team set out to the past to defeat Giygas.

After emerging victorious the team return to their bodies in the present, with the Mr. Saturns, Dr. Andonuts and Apple Kid celebrating their victory. Three presents fall from the sky containg letters from their friends. After this, the team part ways.


Mr. Saturn store (top vendor)
Item Price Effect
Insecticide spray.jpg Insecticide spray $19 Deals about 100 damage to all insect enemies.
Stag beetle.jpg Stag beetle $8 May solidify the enemy.
Refreshing herb.jpg Refreshing herb $80 Cures poison, nausea, colds, sunstroke, falling asleep, uncontrollable crying, and feeling strange.
Peanut cheese bar.jpg Peanut cheese bar $22 Restores about 100 HP
Horn of life.jpg Horn of life $1780 Revives an unconscious friend.
Secret herb.jpg Secret herb $380 Cures poison, nausea, colds, sunstroke, falling asleep, uncontrollable crying, and feeling strange, paralysis and being diamondized.
Picture postcard.jpg Picture postcard $2

Mr. Saturn store (bottom right vendor)
Item Price Effect
Bionic slingshot.jpg Bionic slingshot $449 Increases Offense by 12 and lowers accuracy
Travel charm.jpg Travel charm $60 Protects from paralysis
Great charm.jpg Great charm $400 Increases Speed by 5 and protects from paralysis
Silver bracelet.jpg Silver bracelet $599 Increases Defense by 15
Red ribbon.jpg Red ribbon $179 Increases Defense by 25, can only be equipped by Paula

Mr. Saturn store (bottom left vendor (Post-Magicant only))
Item Price Effect
Flame pendant.jpg Flame pendant $3000 Greatly protects against PK Fire
Rain pendant.jpg Rain pendant $3000 Greatly protects against PK Freeze
Night pendant.jpg Night pendant $3000 Grants immunity to PSI Flash
Piggy jelly.jpg Piggy jelly $222 Restores about 300 HP


The hotel in Saturn Valley is completely free to stay at.


Similar to the hotel, Dr. Saturn will heal Ness's entire party free of charge, and removes any status effects they may have.


Item Location
Bottle rocket.jpg Bottle Rocket In the cave leading from Grapefruit Falls to Saturn Valley
Broken spray can.jpg Broken spray can In the center cave of the ground level
Cup of lifenoodles.jpg Cup of Lifenoodles In the cave between the upper and lower levels, given by a Mr. Saturn after defeating Master Belch
Mr. Saturn coin.jpg Mr. Saturn coin In the cave between the upper and lower levels, given by a Mr. Saturn after defeating Master Belch
Protractor.jpg Protractor In the center cave of the ground level
Rust promoter.jpg Rust promoter In the present atop the ladder
Stag beetle.jpg Stag beetle In the cave between the upper and lower levels, given by a Mr. Saturn after defeating Master Belch
Sudden guts pill.jpg Sudden guts pill In the center cave of the ground level


Sprite Enemy name Notes
MadDuckOverworld.png Mad Duck 8/128 chance of dropping a Fresh egg


Concept art from the Mother 1+2 art book
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