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Grapefruit Falls

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Grapefruit Falls
グレープフルーツのたき Grapefruit Falls

A full map of Grapefruit Falls.

Connected areas
Threed (Underground Road)
Saturn Valley
Belch's Base

Grapefruit Falls is an area in EarthBound. It is north of Threed, being accessed via an underground tunnel. It connects to Saturn Valley and Belch's Base. The location is at the foot of a hill beside either a river or a lake, with the waterfall itself being at the north. Belch's Base is behind the waterfall. It shares its music with Peaceful Rest Valley.


The majority of the location is on the east bank of a river or lake. The cave to the south is the exit from the Underground Road, a food vendor can be found outside on the first visit to the area, and will hint at Saturn Valley. A Magic Butterfly also appears in that area. Near the waterfall is a cave leading to Saturn Valley.

Behind the waterfall is the entrance to Belch's Base which requires a password, which is actually waiting three minutes without any controller input. This can only be done after speaking to the Mr. Saturn who gives the password, however. At the entrance to the waterfall is a spot where the Photo-Man will take a picture of the party.


After defeating the Mini Barf in the Underground Road, Ness and his friends passes through Grapefruit Falls to find the source of the strange happenings occuring in Threed. Along the way, he comes across Saturn Valley where the Mr. Saturn live. After recieving the password from a Mr. Saturn, Ness's party then enters behind the waterfall to enter Belch's Base by waiting three minutes. After that, the party is allowed into the factory.


Item Price Effect
Calorie stick.jpg Calorie stick $18 Restores about 60 HP
Cup of coffee.jpg Cup of coffee $6 Restores about 12 HP
Croissant.jpg Croissant $18 Restores about 60 HP


Item Location
Bomb EB.jpg Bomb Beside the water in the south side
Protein drink.jpg Protein drink South of the cave leading to Saturn Valley


Sprite Enemy name Notes
ArmoredFrogOverworld.png Armored Frog 16/128 chance of dropping a Broken spray can
EB small enemy Overworld Sprite.png Black Antoid 32/128 chance of dropping a Cookie
ZombieOverworld.png Farm Zombie 8/128 chance of dropping a Skip sandwich
PlainCrocodileOverworld.png Plain Crocodile 1/128 chance of dropping a Meteornium
EB small enemy Overworld Sprite.png Red Antoid 16/128 chance of dropping a Sugar packet
ViolentRoachOverworld.png Violent Roach Only in tunnel to Saturn Valley; 1/128 chance of dropping a Secret herb
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