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ムーンサイド Moonside

Moonside as it appears in EarthBound.

Connected areas
Jackie's Cafe
Moonside Swing

Moonside is a location in EarthBound. It is accessed through an area in Jackie's Cafe. The area is a parallel to Fourside. Indeed, words meanings are switched as well, with their yes meaning the no of the regular world and vice-versa. Spelling is also changed, making what some people say appear incoherent. An example to a small degree would be in "Welcome to Moonside". In Moonside, this can be, among other ways, "Wel come to Moo nsi ns dem oons ide". Enemies also appear in this town. The hotel of this town is called the Dark Moon hotel.

The music for Moonside is derived from the song Keep on Laughing by Ric Ocasek.[1]

In EarthBound

In EarthBound, Moonside appears after Everdred is badly injured. He tells Ness to check the area behind the counter of the Jackie's Cafe. Ness does so, and he and Jeff end up at Moonside. Colors are inverted and people are hard to understand. In addition to this, when he tries to go to the Monotoli Building, he is blocked by a man who wants someone with connected eyebrows and gold tooth. Various people around Moonside can teleport Ness's party around Moonside. He eventually ends up in a building after talking to one of these people, he meets an invisible man. This invisible man can only be seen by Moonside residents. He eventually takes this man to the man blocking the Monotoli Building, and the two ditch Ness and Jeff, allowing them to face the Mani-Mani statue next to the building. The two then go face the Mani-Mani Statue, and upon defeating it, find that Moonside in its entirety was just an illusion created by the Mani-Mani statue.


  Enemy name Notes
AbstractArtOverworld.gif Abstract Art 4/128 chance of dropping a Refreshing herb
DaliClockOverworld.png Dali's Clock 1/128 chance of dropping a PSI caramel
FireEnemyOverworld.png Enraged Fire Plug 1/128 chance of dropping a Sudden guts pill
FireEnemyOverworld.png Robo-pump 2/128 chance of dropping a Super bomb
Evil Mani-Mani Evil Mani-Mani Boss



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