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Geldegarde Monotoli

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Geldegarde Monotoli
モノモッチモノトリー Monomochi Monotoly
Geldegarde Monotoli EB overworld sprite.png
Geldegarde Monotoli's overworld sprite in EarthBound.
Gender Male
Appears in EarthBound
Residence Fourside
Occupation Mayor of Fourside
Elevator man

Geldegarde Monotoli is a character in EarthBound, who appears as the mayor of Fourside. His main office is the Monotoli Building. Prior to the events of the game, he was an ordinary man, although he helped Fourside develop in good ways. However, after the Happy Happyist cult disbands, he became corrupt due to the influence of the Mani-Mani Statue, which was stolen from the Happy Happyists by Everdred, then stolen again by Monotoli and hidden in the warehouse of the cafe. He has become so powerful that the police enforce laws to protect Monotoli first. Many citizens of Fourside became brainwashed and continue to support him, although a select few are able to notice something shady.

By the time Ness reaches Fourside, Monotoli hired Porky and Aloysius Minch as his business consultants, while Monotoli, influenced by the Mani-Mani Statue, starts working for Giygas's army and gives the Dept. Store Spook the job of kidnapping Paula. In the illusionary town of Moonside (which is actually the cafe warehouse), Monotoli can be seen looking at the Mani-Mani Statue before he mysteriously vanishes, leaving Ness to destroy the statue and illusion. Monotoli is finally confronted by Ness in his office, where he has regained his senses. He apologizes for kidnapping Paula, whom Paula states he is not actually a bad person, then he tells the story about what happened to him. He tells how he was told by Giygas to stop Ness from going to Summers, and offers Ness the use of his helicopter in order to stop Giygas. However, Porky steals Monotoli's helicopter while the mayor is confronted by Ness and friends, and leaving Aloysius behind. After this, Monotoli leaves Fourside, with newspaper reports claiming he is taking a trip.[1]

Later in the game, Monotoli returns the job of mayor and the Monotoli Building to Enrich Flavor, the previous mayor of Fourside, and Monotoli takes a job as the Enrich Flavor Building's elevator man.


  • The name "Geldegarde" comes from the German words Gelde, meaning money or riches, and garde, meaning guard.
    • His Japanese name also has meaning: Monomocchi means "guy who owns lots of things" and Monotoli means "guy who takes lots of stuff".[2]


  1. "Famed Mr. Monotoli leaves Fourside. States he is going on a trip" -Fourside Post headline
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