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Picky Minch

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Picky Minch
ピッキー•ミンチ Picky Minch
Clay picky.png
Picky's official clay model.
Gender Male
Appears in EarthBound
Residence Onett
Relatives Aloysius (father)
Lardna (mother)
Porky (brother)

Picky's sprite from EarthBound. Picky Minch is a character in EarthBound, who lives in the town of Onett. He is the son of Lardna and Aloysius Minch, and the little, yet more mature, brother of Porky Minch. He becomes lost in the mountains after his brother gets scared and runs away. After Ness and Pokey find him, Picky temporarily joins the party, and unlike Pokey, Picky actually has a bit of a use. Picky's attacks include his bash (which does around 1 HP of damage) and chanting a magical spell (which does nothing). He and his mother are left behind when Aloysius and Pokey leave for Fourside for some reason.

Picky appears again in Magicant and says his brother took his snack. He also appears at the end of the game to give Ness a letter from Pokey.


As a temporary party member, Picky has stats that can't be seen in game.

Offense 3
Speed 25
Luck 1


  • His official clay model has the letter "P" on his shirt, while his in-game sprite has the letter "M" on it.

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