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The sprite of a regular Tenda tribesman.

The Tenda tribe (Japanese:グミぞく Gummy Tribe) resides hidden away in Tenda Village and Deep Darkness. There are two separate tribes, separated due to the Tenda villagers' shyness.[1] Ness then gives the Tenda Village's leader the Overcoming Shyness book. Once the Tenda Village's leader reads it to the rest of the Tenda, he also gives Ness some Tendakraut as thanks for solving their shyness problem. A stronger member of the tribe also assists Ness in getting to the Lost Underworld. Sometime after the events of EarthBound, the two tribes then reunite.[2]


  • If Ness chooses to speak to the Tenda tribe's leader after the tribe overcomes their shyness, he will give him a Bag of Dragonite.


  1. "Tenda who like to talk came to the Lost Underworld because we couldn't stand the quiet up above. So, we established a separate tribe. I hope we can be friendly again some day. ...Yeah, it was a lot easier to live up above." - Tenda
  2. "You guys helped the upper tribe and the lower tribe gain unity again. Soon, we'll be one village again! Thank you." - Tenda

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