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Bubble Monkey

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Bubble Monkey
バルーンモンキー Balloon Monkey
Clay bmonkey.png
Clay model of the Bubble Monkey from EarthBound.
Gender Male
Appears in EarthBound
Residence Winters

Bubble Monkey's sprite from EarthBound. Bubble Monkey (also known as Balloon Monkey) is a character from EarthBound. He temporarily assists Jeff on his journey south from Winters.


He is first encountered on the Winters drugstore, in which he is being sold alongside a pack of Bubble Gum. He helps Jeff on his journey by chewing the bubble gum, which allows it to float in the air for a short amount of time, allowing it to access areas out of Jeff's reach.

He leaves Jeff before reaching Dr. Andonuts's lab, when it finds a female monkey, whom it departs with, and, eventually, marries.

If Jeff returns to Winters with Ness in the party, Bubble Monkey will be standing next to Lake Tess, allowing Ness's party to ride Tessie to Dr. Andonuts's lab.

His sprite is slightly different to that of other monkeys in the game.


Being a temporary party member, Bubble Monkey has stat values that can't be seen in game.

Bubble Monkey
Offense 7
Guts 5
Speed 20
Luck 30


  • Bubble Monkey bears a resemblance to Salsa in that they are characters temporarily part of the party. However, Salsa was the main character in that time, while Bubble Monkey was merely assisting Jeff.

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