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Paula's family

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Paula's family
Paula dad.png

Paula's father, Paul Jones[1]
Paula's mom.png
Paula's mother, Isabella Jones[2]
Appears in EarthBound
Residence Twoson
Relatives Paula

Paula's family consists of Paula's father and mother. They run the Polestar Preschool in Twoson, which their daughter helps out with. They apparently knew about Ness having to journey with Paula to save the world. The family lives within the aforementioned preschool.

In EarthBound


Paula's mother's official name is Isabella Jones according to development files. During Paula's kidnapping, she believes Paula is protected by a guardian angel (God in Japan) and will be fine. After Paula is rescued, she provides her "hand-made Band Aid" which she dubs the Hand-Aid to the party before they set off together on their adventure.


Paul Jones is Paula's father. When he first meets Ness, he remarks that Paula had seen him in her dream. He runs upstairs to call her down, but realizes she is missing. He gradually becomes more and more worried about her, as if Ness rests in the Twoson hotel during this time Paul can be seen running anxiously calling Paula home to have some pie. When spoken to, he suspects that Everdred is responsible for Paula's disappearance.

Later when Paula is rescued and brought home, he thanks Ness for saving her and is sorry he suspected Everdred was the kidnapper. He is shown to be sad to see Paula leaving, but Paula reassures that she will be fine with Ness. From that point on Ness can rest in their house for free as long as Paula is in the party.


It's not every day a father lets his daughter embark on a journey to save the world!
Paula's dad's sprite.
Paula's mother
Paula's mom's sprite.


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