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Papier-mâché model from EarthBound
Gender Male
Age 12-13+[1]
Appears in EarthBound
Residence Dalaam
Occupation Prince of Dalaam
Traveling partners Ness
Signature weapon Sword of Kings
PSI capable? Yes
Non-PSI ability Mirror

Prince Poo (Japanese: プー ), alternatively Pu[2], is the prince of Dalaam, and is the fourth of the main playable characters in EarthBound. After finishing his Mu training, he is told that he is one of the chosen four by his Master, and must join Ness in his journey to defeat Giygas.

Unlike the other main characters in Earthbound, Poo doesn't receive attack boosts from the usual equipment, instead having an unique set of four items for his own use: the Sword of Kings, Cloak of Kings, Bracer of Kings and Diadem of Kings. Poo also recovers less HP from eating food items (not including the Brain food lunch, which replenishes his HP completely), only being able to recover about 6 HP from regular food. Also unlike other characters, Poo is the only character to gain more than 1 PP from drinking a Bottle of water or a Bottle of DXwater, which recover 10 and 40 PP respectively.


Physical appearance

Poo wears a full white martial arts gi with puffy white pants that taper off below the knee and a black belt tied in a ribbon around his waist, likely to symbolize his mastery. Additionally to his outfit, he also wears black slip-on shoes with white soles. He is mostly bald, but has a black topknot and braided ponytail atop his head and distinctively thick, angled eyebrows. Though his face appears to resemble most other characters with its rounded shape and blush marks, his Super Smash Bros. Ultimate model and papier-mâché model demonstrate that he is more cheek-heavy than other characters of the same general figure.

Personality and other characteristics

Poo lives in a palace in the Eastern country of Dalaam in Chommo. Personality wise, Poo is very friendly with the people in his kingdom, appearing to be especially popular with the women of Dalaam. Poo is also a serious and dedicated individual, appearing to take his training very seriously, as some women mention he'd rather train than hang out with them. He is willing to endure situations that most would be afraid to take, specifically in his Mu Training, as the Mu spirit breaks various parts of his body, but Poo maintains his strength and still continues. Poo also shows strong loyalty, saying he will follow Ness and obey him as his master, and in the end quickly returns to Dalaam to use the skills he learned in the adventure for the benefit of his people in Dalaam.

Overall, Poo is a very serious, yet loyal and friendly individual, who is willing to endure any circumstance in order to save the world.

In EarthBound


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Poo during his Mu Training

Before his meeting with Ness and his friends, Poo is seen undergoing the Mu Training under the guidance of his mentor, the Star Master. For his training he must go to the top of a mountain to meditate. As a test, a woman tells Poo that his master is calling for him, but Poo ignores her and continues his meditation. He then meets with the Mu spirit who asks to break various parts of his body, and Poo agrees to do so. When he finishes his training, he wakes up as he is told his training is complete and to return to his master. Upon returning to his master, he learns Teleport, and uses this newly-learned technique to teleport away to Summers, where the three other main characters are waiting for him.

Later, after exiting the Scaraba pyramid, the Star Master takes Poo away temporarily to teach him PSI Starstorm α. Later, in Deep Darkness, Poo re-appears in the battle against Master Barf, and lands the finishing blow with this new technique. Near the end of the game, the Star Master returns once again to teach Poo PSI Starstorm Ω in the Cave of the Past, so he can go back in time and defeat Giygas.

After defeating Giygas, Poo bids farewell to his friends and returns home to Dalaam, and uses the skills he learned for his people.

Game data


Stat Growth rate Comparison
Offense 20
Defense 18
Speed 7
Guts 3
Vitality 4
IQ 4
Luck 3
Total 59

PSI level up list

Level Move name
PSI Freeze α
PSI Freeze β
PSI Thunder α
PSI Thunder β
Lifeup α
Lifeup β
Healing α
Healing β
Shield α
Shield Σ
Shield β
Teleport α
Teleport β
PSI Magnet α
Brainshock α
PSI Magnet Ω
PSI Freeze γ
Healing γ
PSI Thunder γ
Brainshock Ω
Lifeup γ
Shield Ω
Healing Ω
PSI Thunder Ω
Event moves
Level Move name
PSI Starstorm α
PSI Starstorm Ω

Poo learns PSI Starstorm α from the Star Master when exiting the Scaraba pyramid. He then learns PSI Starstorm Ω from the same character before going back in time to fight Giygas.


Poo has the ability to turn into enemies using the Mirror (Japanese: ヘンしン Transformation) command, and use their techniques. Because of this, he becomes automatically controlled until the end of a battle. The success chance for this is based on the enemy it is being used on, with the success rate never being higher than 50% and failing against bosses.

In other games

In Mother 3

The slideshow in New Pork City's theater

Poo, along with the rest of the Chosen Four, makes a cameo appearance in the theater in New Pork City. He appears in the slideshow which showcases the four in various locations in EarthBound. He appears in the last scene where the four are at the meteor in Onett.

In the Super Smash Bros. series

Poo first appeared in Super Smash Bros. as part of Ness's congratulations screen, then later appears as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee, and as a sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. In the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, he makes a cameo in the background of the Magicant stage, but he is completely absent in the Wii U version.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Poo makes a cameo during Ness's Final Smash, where he along with Paula, assist Ness while he uses PK Starstorm. Poo additionally appears as a Spirit and in Ness's Classic Mode congratulations screen.

Trophy description

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Poo, the crown prince of the mysterious eastern country of Dalaam, joined Ness after completing rigorous training in his home country. While he doesn't stand out among Ness's friends, his vast experience and strong willpower make him a key to their success. Poo can assume the form of an enemy to gain its powers.

Game appearances


Poo sprite.png
Poo's normal appearance.
Poo's unconscious sprite.


Prince poo.png
Artwork of Poo from the MOTHER 2 Secret Treasure Box Guidebook.

Default names

English Japanese
  • Poo
  • Kato
  • Kai
  • Omar
  • Ramin
  • Aziz
  • Lado
  • プー Poo
  • べんぱつ Pigtail
  • しんご Shingo
  • ジョージ George
  • チンパ Chimpa
  • キノピオ Kinopio
  • ふせ Fuse


  • Poo has the fewest primary weapons out of any playable character in the entire Mother series, only having the Sword of Kings.
    • The only characters who comes close to matching are Lloyd, who only has two Guns, and Boney, whose sole weapon is the Canine Weapon, although he has a variety of Collars that serve as a weapon substitute.
      • If considering all weapons and not just primary ones, the honor goes to Pippi, whose sole choice of weapon is the Slingshot, which is not unique and can be used by everyone (although if she is cheated into a later section of the game, she is also able to equip the Boomerang).
  • Poo has an unused jumping sprite, being the only character not to use his.
  • Ness and Paula use it when being named, and Jeff when jumping the gate of the Snow Wood boarding school.
  • Poo is confirmed to be at least bilingual to some capacity by both speaking the game's set language upon meeting the other party members, and by being able to translate the Hieroglyphs in the Scaraba Cultural Museum.
  • Due to Dalaam's general location relative to the real world, Poo is presumably equivalent to being South Asian.


  1. "The prince is from the country of Dalaam, an eastern country that is very mysterious to most people living in Eagleland. He is a little older than Ness, and he has great physical, mental, and spiritual strength." -EarthBound Player's Guide

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