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ゴンザレス Gonzales
Official clay model of Gonzales.
Gender Male
Appears in EarthBound
Residence Mach Pizza
Occupation Pizza delivery man

Gonzales[1] is a character in EarthBound, who works as a pizza delivery man at Mach Pizza. Whenever Ness makes an order from Mach Pizza, Gonzales will come with the delivery within a span of three minutes. During a segment of the game, when the party is in Threed, the Apple Kid sends Zombie paper to them via Gonzales, who claims that the Apple Kid asked him to help him while he was delivering pizza. When he meets the party, he is unsure to whom he is supposed to deliver the Zombie paper, and asks them to pretend that they are the ones the delivery is intended for.[2]


  • The award for a contest which involved the scratch and sniff cards included in the EarthBound Player's Guide was a Mach Pizza Delivery Man Air Freshener, where an image of Gonzales, based on his clay model, can be seen on it.[3]


  1. Excerpt from Twoson's Entry in the Mother 2 Official Guidebook
  2. "While delivering pizza, this weird guy asked me to help him out... He wanted me to deliver this to someone named Ness ...who is wandering around Threed. No one else knows about this, right? Let's just pretend that you're Ness, and I'll give this to you. Oh! Hello, Ness! Just go along with me on this one, okay. I made the decision that you're Ness, no matter what... (Ness got the Zombie Paper.) That's right, Ness... *wink, wink* I've done my duty and given you Apple Kid's thingamajig... Well, goodbye!..." - Gonzales
  3. EarthBound Central: "Mach Pizza Air Freshener"

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