Mach Pizza

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Mach Pizza's Twoson branch.

Mach Pizza (マッハピザ Mach Pizza) is a service in EarthBound.

In EarthBound

Mach Pizza is not open at the beginning of the game, and are only a delivery service, meaning Ness needs their phone number in order to buy pizza. To receive their phone number, Ness simply must talk to the woman at the counter. Ness can order a small, medium, or large pizza, but the medium-sized pizzas are always sold out. Upon ordering, they claim the pizza will be delivered within 3 minutes. Small pizzas recover HP for one party member, but large ones recover HP for the whole party because they share it. The name of Mach Pizza is ironic because it takes less time for Escargo Express to reach Ness than it takes for Mach Pizza. During the game's ending, it is shown that Mach Pizza had gone out of business, due to their deliverymen getting tired and quitting.