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Escargo Express is a company in EarthBound. The name of the company is a joke, as Escargot, which is similar in spelling to Escargo, is French for snail, making the name an oxymoron. Tracy works for the company.The Escargo Express is similar to Ninten's Sister in Mother. Ness can call them and store three items at a time. The delivery charge is $18. After calling them, the delivery man will come and ask for the money and the items he should give or deposit. If Poo is holding the Hawk Eye when he temporarily leaves the party after the Pyramid, it will automatically be deposited with Escargo Express. Ness will receive a phone call if this happens.

The player can call Escargo Express after they call Ness's mother, who will tell the player about his sister working at Escargo Express, and the player will be able to call her at any time until the Point of no Return.

Some items react in certain ways when taken by Escargo Express. For example, Teddy Bears and Super Plush Bears have all their HP restored when given to them to store, then taking them back later.

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