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Buzz Buzz

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Buzz Buzz
ブンブーン Bunbūn
Buzz Buzz
Buzz Buzz's sprite from EarthBound.
Gender Male[1]
Appears in EarthBound
Residence Unspecified; somewhere in Earth's future

Buzz Buzz is a character in EarthBound. He is an insect-like creature from 10 years in the future. He emerges from the meteorite located in Onett.

In EarthBound

Buzz Buzz appears from the meteor shortly after Ness and Porky find Picky. He introduces himself as a bee-like creature (rhinoceros beetle in the Japanese version) before claiming he is not. Buzz Buzz tells Ness that an alien being called Giygas will conquer the world soon. He also speaks of a legend that tells of three boys and one girl -- one of whom is Ness -- who can save the world from Giygas. He then pledges to help Ness in his journey to defeat Giygas.

The group leaves the meteorite so Picky and Porky can get home. As they approach the Minch residence, an alien suddenly materializes in front of the group. This alien is the Starman Junior, a servant of Giygas who says he was sent back in time to kill Buzz Buzz before he could find the destined heroes. He also alludes to the fact that Buzz Buzz might have not always been a bug, as heard in the quote "You're no longer a hero, just a useless insect". A fight ensues, but with Buzz Buzz's assistance, the Starman Junior is quickly defeated. In battle, Buzz Buzz has a physical attack, a powerful charging attack, and can block PSI attacks with PSI Shield Σ.

After Ness drops Picky and Porky off at their house, Buzz Buzz is buzzing aimlessly about the room, and when he is spotted by Lardna Minch. Lardna mistakes it for a dung beetle and swats him. Mortally wounded, Buzz Buzz tells Ness that in order to save the world, he must harness the power of the earth by visiting each of the eight "Your Sanctuaries". He then gives Ness the Sound Stone, which will record the pieces of a melody that echo at each Your Sanctuary. His mission accomplished, Buzz Buzz passes away as the sun rises outside.

Later in the game, Ness can encounter Buzz Buzz's grave in his Magicant next to the house of the Flying Men.


As a temporary party member, Buzz Buzz has stats that can't be seen in-game.

Buzz Buzz
Offense 40
Speed 100
Luck 80

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Buzz Buzz's Spirit in Ultimate

Buzz Buzz appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a Spirit. His Spirit Battle features a tiny Mr. Game and Watch which has strong offense, but starts at 300% and thus can be defeated with almost any weak attack, which references how strong he is in battle but gets killed easily by Lardna's swat.


  1. "This is Buzz Buzz's tombstone. He appeared earlier in the game and gave up the ghost before he achieved his goal." -Tombstone

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