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Penetella Giovanni

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Penetella Giovanni
ペテネラ•ジョバンニ Petenella Giovanni
Penetella Giovanni as he appears in EarthBound.
Gender Male
Appears in EarthBound
Residence Fourside
Relatives Unnamed grandmother

Penetella Giovanni is a character in EarthBound, who resides on the second floor of the bakery in Fourside. On a sign, in the northern portion of Dusty Dunes Desert, there is written that a person named Penetella Giovanni has lost a pair of contact lenses somewhere in the desert. It is also written that the lenses are important to him, as they are a memento of his grandmother, and that the one who returns them will be given a reward. The lenses themselves can be found nearby the sign, in the northeastern direction of it.

When Ness has given Penetella the lenses, he expresses great gratitude and mentions how keeping things forever is a family tradition of his, and thereafter rewards Ness with the Pair of dirty socks.

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