Red Snake (character)

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For the enemy in Mother, see Red Snake (enemy).
Red Snake
レッドスネーク Red Snake
Red Snake
Red Snake as he appears in EarthBound
Gender Male
Appears in EarthBound
Residence Scaraba
Occupation Snake Salesman

Red Snake is a character in EarthBound. He owns a shop in Scaraba. He speaks very snakelike, extending the "S" sounds in his speech. In the Japanese version of the game, he speaks a mix of English and Japanese. His name is actually a mistranslation stemming from this English phrasing; rather than being his name, his introduction to the player in the Japanese version is a reference to Japanese comedian Shopan Igari. Shopan's act consisted of taking a box with holes in it, tapping it with a flute, and yelling "Red snake, come on!" After saying this, a red snake puppet would come out of the hole. The localization team, not knowing the joke, mistook this for his name.

Red Snake's Snake Shop

Red Snake's Snake Shop
Name Price Effect
Snake $220 Attacks an enemy with a chance to Poison
Viper $550 Attacks an enemy with a 100% chance to Poison susceptible enemies
Vial of serum $58 Cures Poison


An advertisement for Red Snake's Snake Shop, from the EarthBound Player's Guide.

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