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Gerardo Montague

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Gerardo Montague
ショージ•モッチー Shoji Motchi
Gerardo Montague as he appears EarthBound.
Gender Male
Appears in EarthBound
Residence Dusty Dunes Desert
Relatives George Montague

Gerardo Montague is a character in EarthBound. He is the younger brother of George Montague, he works on the Gold Mine at Dusty Dunes Desert.

He is found next to the excavation site. When first interacted with, he asks Ness for some food in order to continue working on the excavation. Upon resuming his work, he complains about the amount of monsters on the cave.

His brother George later gives Ness the Diamond that Gerardo found while digging.


  • Gerardo and his brother were named in the Japanese version after Shigesato Itoi's gold mining partner, Shouji Mochizuki.[1]


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