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List of key items in EarthBound

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This is a list of key items in EarthBound.

ATM card

Artwork of the ATM Card from the Mother 2 player's guide.

The ATM card (キャッシュカード Cash Card) is the only item being available already from the start of the game. Ness can use it to access his account through an ATM, which are located in all of the game's department stores and hotels, and either choose to withdraw or deposit a certain amount of money. When the party becomes unconscious, no money in ATMs will be lost. ATMs can hold a total amount of up to $9,999,999.

In-game description

"You know, you shouldn't leave home without... It even works overseas!"

Backstage pass

A Backstage pass ('バックステージパス Backstage Pass) can be obtained from the Runaway Five in Twoson after Ness defeats Mr. Carpainter and saves Paula. It allows entrance to the backstage room of the Chaos Theater so that Ness may pay off the Runaway Five's debt using the Wad of bills.

In-game description

"It allows you go back stage at the Chaos Theater. Of course, you can also watch the show using the pass."

Bad key machine

Artwork of the Bad key machine.

The Bad key machine (ちょっとカギマシン Simple Key Machine) is obtained from Maxwell after Jeff finds the bent key to be broken and unusable when he tries to open the lockers in the Snow Wood Boarding House. It can open any door, and is used to escape the underground area in Threed. After this usage, it has no more purposes.

In-game description

"The "Machine that Opens Doors, especially when you have a slightly bad key" machine."


Ness riding his bike in EarthBound.

The Bicycle (じてんしゃ Bicycle) can be obtained at the Punk-Sure bicycle shop in Twoson. It allows for faster travel when only Ness is in the party. If Ness is holding a teddy bear or a super plush bear in his inventory, he can not ride the bike. If Ness chooses to speak with the owner of the bicycle shop when another character is in the party, he will return the bicycle.

In-game description

"Riding this makes you feel like whistling! You can even ring the bell by pressing the R button."

Brain stone

The Brain stone (さとりのいし Comprehension Stone) is in Poo's inventory from the first time he is controlled. It was intended to prevent loss of concentration during battle. However, likely due to a coding mistake, it actually does not serve it's intended purpose, and in fact does nothing.

In-game description

"A miraculous stone that enables you to "concentrate" without using your own brain. This is accomplished just by your keeping this item. This is great because if you can't concentrate, you can't use PSI."

Carrot key

The Carrot key (うさぎごのみニンジン Rabbit's Favorite Carrot) is an important item required to receive the sixth melody. It is found in a present at the end of Magnet Hill after defeating the Plague Rat of Doom, and erases the rabbit statues blocking the path to the Pink Cloud cave, then disappears.

In-game description

"A special type of bunny's favorite carrot."

Contact lens

A Contact lens ('コンタクトレンズ Contact Lens) can be found in Dusty Dunes Desert. It can be traded with a Penetella Giovanni at a bakery in Fourside for a pair of dirty socks, as it is an important memento to him from his grandmother.

In-game description

"It must belong to someone."


A Diamond (ダイヤモンド Diamond) is obtained from George Montague on the roadway outside of Fourside after clearing out the Guardian Diggers in the Gold Mine. It is used to pay off the debt of the Runaway Five at the Topolla Theater by giving it to Miss Fake. Despite it being worth massive amounts of money, the diamond's discoverer appears to be massively disappointed that he did not find gold.

In-game description

"A big, beautiful, and expensive-looking gem."

Eraser eraser

The Eraser eraser (こけしけしマシン Kokeshi Eraser Machine) is obtained from Apple Kid's mouse at Dr. Andonuts lab. It erases the iron eraser statue blocking the underground path below Stonehenge. Unlike the Pencil statues seen earlier in the game, there is only one eraser statue in the entire game.

In-game description

"Apple Kid's invention. It erases something that looks like an eraser that also might be blocking your way."

Franklin badge

Artwork of the Franklin badge.
Main article: Franklin Badge

The Franklin badge (フランクリンバッジ Franklin Badge) is given to Ness by Paula before he faces Mr. Carpainter. It reflects all lightning-based attacks, and is required in order to initiate the fight with Mr. Carpainter due to a powerful lightning strike he unleashes upon being spoken to.

In-game description

"By keeping it as one of your items, it deflects a lightning attack back at the attacker."

Hawk eye

Artwork of the Hawk eye.

The Hawk eye's overworld sprite. The Hawk eye (タカのめ Hawk Eye) is found inside the Pyramid on a raised platform. It allows the party to see in the Deep Darkness, where without it, it is completely dark. Removing it from its platform removes the enemies from the Pyramid. After it is taken, newspapers around the world claim thieves broke into the pyramid.

In-game description

"What a miracle! Now you can see in the dark!"

Hieroglyph copy

The Hieroglyph copy (ヒエログリフのうつし Hieroglyph copy) is obtained in the Scaraba Cultural Museum from the museum's curator after inspecting the true hieroglyph, which is in an exhibit not available to the public. It teaches Ness's party the dance required to enter the pyramid in Scaraba.

In-game description

"Something important is recorded in the ancient characters."

Jar of Fly Honey

Artwork of the Jar of Fly Honey.

Overworld sprite of a Fly Honey being manufactured in Belch's Base. A Jar of Fly Honey (はえみつ Fly Honey) is found in a garbage can in Threed after defeating the Boogey Tent in Threed. It distracts Master Belch in battle, and is the only way to defeat him. When Master Belch returns as Master Barf, however, he is immune to Fly Honey. It is produced by flies.[1]

In-game description

"Belch's most favorite food in the whole world. However... it smells REALLY, really nasty! We're talkin' major stinkage here!"

Key to the cabin

The Key to the cabin (ろうやのカギ Jail Key) is obtained from Mr. Carpainter after defeating him. It is used to open the cell in Peaceful Rest Valley in which Paula is held.

In-game description

"A key to a holding cell made specially for Paula."

Key to the shack

The Key to the shack (たびごやのカギ) is obtained from Mayor Pirkle of Onett after defeating the Sharks' leader, Frank. It opens the touring entertainers' shack that leads to the Giant Step cave system.

In-game description

"A key to the traveling entertainer's shack."

Key to the tower

The Key to the tower (とうのカギ Tower Key) is obtained from a man at the oasis south of Dungeon Man, near the exit from the Pyramid. It is needed to enter Dungeon Man himself. After travelling through Dungeon Man once, the key is no longer required.

In-game description

"An old key."

King banana

The King banana (キングバナナ King Banana) is an item found in the Monkey Cave after Ness gives various food items to the monkeys inside. It must be given to Man K. Man so that he will move out of the way, and permit Ness and Jeff access to Talah Rama.

In-game description

"A king-sized banana. Not edible."

Pak of bubble gum

The Pak of bubble gum (フーセンガム Balloon Gum) can be bought in the Winters department store. Doing so causes the Bubble Monkey to join Jeff's party, and using it later allows the Bubble Monkey to float short distances. It can also be used when Bubble Monkey is not in the party; however, it is not as satisfying as food, and does not recover any HP

In-game description

"This is the Balloon Monkey's favorite. It will not help you recover, but you'll also never run out, 'cause it's a super jumbo pack!"

Pencil eraser

The Pencil eraser (タコけしマシン Octopus Eraser Machine) is an invention of Apple Kid's. It is obtained after Ness has invested in Apple Kid and returns to Twoson from Peaceful Rest Valley. It is capable of erasing pencil-shaped iron statues (Octopus statues in the Japanese release).

In-game description

"Apple Kid's invention. It makes something blocking your way that looks like a pencil disappear in just a second."

Receiver phone

The Receiver phone (じゅしんでんわ Receiver Phone) is an invention of Apple Kid's, given to Ness by his mouse. It allows Ness to receive important calls, such as when Apple Kid has invented a new item.

In-game description

"Apple Kid's invention. Now, you can receive important calls."

Show ticket

Show tickets (チケット Ticket) can be bought in the Topolla Theater, and allow Ness's party to see the Runaway Five or Venus's show.

In-game description

"It says, "Section B, seat 3D.""

Shyness book

The Shyness book, obtained from the Onett Library, cures the Tenda tribe's shyness when Ness gives it to the Tenda elder. The book also makes an appearance in Mother 3, on a shelf in the Chimera Laboratory. The book's full title is "Overcoming Shyness".

In-game description

"As the title says, it helps one overcome shyness."

Signed banana

The Signed banana (サインいりバナナ Signed Banana) is a banana peel obtained from Venus with her autograph on it. It is given to Mr. Spoon in exchange for access to Magnet Hill, despite him asking for the autograph to be on an eraser.

In-game description

"A banana skin with Venus's autograph."

Sound Stone

A completed Sound Stone, with all Eight Melodies recorded.

The Sound Stone (おとのいし Sound Stone) is an important key item in EarthBound. Ness receives it from Buzz Buzz after he is mortally wounded at the hands of Lardna Minch. The Sound Stone cannot be thrown away, sold, or put into storage with Escargo Express. It records short melodies from each of the Your Sanctuaries found throughout the game. Using it will take the player to a screen that plays all of the melodies acquired thus far in sequence. After the Sound Stone records the last notes of the melody, Ness is taken to Magicant, and the item disappears permanently from his inventory.

In-game description

"If you touch this to your forehead and concentrate on your thoughts, Your Sanctuary melodies can be heard."


Tendakraut (グミドリアン Tenda Durian) is a disgusting smelling food obtained from the Tenda tribe's elder. According to the elder, all of the Tendas like it. It is exceedingly smelly, but supposedly tastes delicious. Ness gives it to a Tenda in the dinosaur cage in order to enter and be safe from the dinosaurs in the Lost Underworld.

In-game description

"A very strong-smelling dish. Those who like it go nuts for it..."

Tiny ruby

The Tiny ruby (ちいさなルビー Tiny Ruby) is a small ruby that Poo has with him at the start of the game. Ness's party gives it to Mr. Fork to gain access the top room in the Summers museum in order to obtain the Hieroglyph copy. After Poo hands it to him, Mr. Fork thanks Poo for the "cookie" that he received, and sneaks it into his pocket. The player can technically deny Mr. Fork the ruby, but Poo will still hand it to him regardless.

In-game description

"An old treasure from Dalaam."

Town map

The Town map (まちのちず Town Map) can be obtained in the Onett library. It can be used to find where shops and buildings are in town, as well as the party's current location, showing a small, scaled-down map when used. It can be accessed simply by pressing the X button. In the Mother 1+2 version of the game, the Start button instead serves this purpose.

In-game description

"A handy town map. It can be used in Onett, as well as other towns. You can view the map quickly, simply by pressing the X button."

Wad of bills

The Wad of bills (さつたば Wad of Bills) is a wad of money worth 10,000 dollars obtained from Everdred after rescuing Paula. He apparently obtained it through criminal means, as he forces Ness to take it. It cannot be spent in a shop. It is given to Mr. Poochyfud, the manager of the Chaos Theater in order to pay off the Runaway Five's debt.

In-game description

"A bundle of brand new, crisp bills."

Yogurt dispenser

The Yogurt dispenser (ぐるめとうふマシン Gourmet Tofu Machine alternatively Gourmet Yogurt Machine) is an item in EarthBound. After Ness and Jeff leave Moonside, Ness gets a call from the Apple Kid who tells him that he has created a machine that can make yogurt, but the only flavor currently available is trout. Apple Kid also tells Ness that he is sending the Yogurt Dispenser to him via Escargo Express's Neglected Class.

Soon afterwards, an Escargo Express employee arrives and tells Ness that he lost his package in the middle of the Dusty Dunes Desert. Ness and Jeff must then journey through Monkey Cave. When they reach the end of the cave, Talah Rama gives them the Yogurt Dispenser.

When Ness and Jeff return to Fourside, they find Pokey's maid, Electra, standing in the lobby of the Monotoli Building. She has been looking for some trout-flavored yogurt to serve to an important guest, and so she asks to have the Yogurt Dispenser. She then invites the two heroes to her apartment on the 48th floor so she can give them some of the Trout Yogurt.

Interestingly enough, Jeff can use the Yogurt Dispenser in battle. However, using it only deals 1 damage to a random enemy.

In-game description

"Invented by Apple Kid. If used during combat, some damage will be dealt to the enemy, though it's not understood why this happens... it's just yogurt after all..."


Zexonyte, also known as Meteorite piece, is a rare material found in meteorites. The Zexonyte is required in order to complete the Phase Distorter 3, so Dr. Andonuts sends Ness to Onett in order to harvest it from the meteorite that fell at the beginning of the game.

In game description

Zombie paper

Zombie paper (ゾンビホイホイ Zombie Paper) is a machine that is used to free Threed from its zombie infestation. It is obtained via a Mach Pizza deliveryman. It must be used on the floor of the circus tent in the middle of the town.

In-game description

"Apple Kid's invention. Lay this out in the tent, and the next day, a lot of zombies may be stuck to it."


  1. "The zombies' leader likes Fly Honey. He makes his followers collect it. You know--bees make bee honey and flies make Fly Honey." -NPC

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