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Artwork of a present from the EarthBound Player's Guide.
Artwork of a present from the Mother 3 prerelease site.

Presents (Japanese: プレゼント Present) are the main way of obtaining items in the Mother series. Presents are found all throughout the lands of the series in different styles and appearances. Inside presents are generally items, but in EarthBound and Mother 3, the player may find nothing at all, or a variety of strange things that are not items the player cannot carry.

In Mother, there are three styles of presents: normal presents, trash cans, and coffins. In some coffins, Ninten can find enemies and in a certain case, a lost young girl.

In EarthBound, there are five types of presents: normal presents, trash cans, coffins, sarcophagi and golden presents. However, certain enemies will appear using these present sprites and will approach Ness and fight his party, from the Worthless Protoplasm to the Scalding Coffee Cup and the Care Free Bomb.

In Mother 3, there are two types of presents: normal present and blue map presents. However, there are more instances where the player may find something other than regular presents. Possible things the player may find in presents in Mother 3 are items, musical rhythms, ghosts, and even flatulence.

Memo description

"It doesn't matter if there's no birthday or it's not Christmas. Think of them as a reward for your adventure, and graciously accept them. Sometimes, though, the "present" is only a guise..."


A present in Mother
A trash can in Mother
A casket in Mother
A present in EarthBound
An opened present in EarthBound
A trash can in EarthBound
A coffin in EarthBound
A special golden present in EarthBound
A present as seen in the Lost Underworld in EarthBound.
An opened present as seen in the Lost Underworld in EarthBound.
A sarcophagus in EarthBound
A present in Mother 3
A present containing a map in Mother 3
A trash can in Mother 3