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ピッピ Pippi
Artwork of Pippi from the Mother guidebook
Pippi's official clay model
Pippi sprite.png
Pippi's in game sprite
Gender Female
Age 7 years[1]
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings
Residence Podunk
Relatives Mrs. Lindgren (mother)
Traveling partners Ninten
Signature weapon Nothing exclusive
Only has access to Slingshot

Pippi (ピッピ Pippi) is a young girl in EarthBound Beginnings. She lives in the town of Podunk with her mother Mrs. Lindgren while Ninten is her neighbor.

Physical appearance

Pippi wears a pink dress, along with long yellow socks and red shoes. She has red hair tied into two braids, and her clay model depicts her with freckles on her face and yellow bows in her hair.

Pippi is a reference to Pippi Longstocking, as they have the same name, same hair design and both seem to wear unusually long socks.[1] Pippi's immense strength when leveled up also alludes to Pippi Longstocking, as the titular character displays amazing strength in the book series, and is referred commonly as "The Strongest Girl In the World". Another reference to Pippi Longstocking is her mother's last name, Lindgren.


Pippi disappears prior to the events of the game, and Ninten is asked by her mother and the mayor of Podunk to rescue her. After traveling through the South Cemetery, Ninten finds an opening in one of the graves, where Pippi is in the southwestern casket; the others each contain Pseudo Zombies. After opening the casket containing Pippi, she asks Ninten a series of questions, which if answered correctly will yield one of the only two obtainable Franklin Badges. Optionally, before bringing her to the mayor, Ninten can choose to have Pippi accompany him to Canary Village and obtain Laura's melody with her, but this isn't required. After returning her to the mayor, Ninten is given a $100 prize for rescuing her, and a Zoo Key from Abbott. If Ninten returns to Pippi's home, he can speak to her to obtain any items that were in her inventory when she left (minus Bread Crumbs), and she will once again ask the questions required to obtain the Franklin Badge if Ninten previously answered them incorrectly.

She makes a second appearance in the swamp on the way to Ellay, residing in a house in the center. Ninten and his friends can speak to Pippi for recovery, where she asks Ninten not to tell her mother that she was there.

For clarity, the player cannot name a character Pippi. Pippi is the only party member who the player cannot name at the start of the game who has a status bar and who can be controlled by the player in battle. Her last name may be the same as her mother's: Lindgren.


Base stat values

25% 25% 25% 25%
HP 32 Based on Strength
PP 0 None
OFFENSE 9 Same as Fight
DEFENSE 9 Same as Speed
FIGHT 9 +4 +5
SPEED 9 +4 +5
WISDOM 2 +0 +1 +1 +2
STRENGTH 6 +2 +3 +3 +4
FORCE 4 +1 +2 +2 +3

Growth rate values

Stat Growth rate Comparison
Offense 8
Defense 8
Fight 8
Speed 8
Wisdom 1
Strength 5
Force 3
Total 41

Formula for stat increase during a levelup: stat gain = (constant + (random number 0-3))/2, rounded down. [1]


  • Pippi is the only temporary party member until Mother 3 who can level up, have her own inventory, and equip weapons and armor like a main party member.
    • The only weapons Pippi is able to equip are the Slingshot and Boomerang, although only the former can be acquired while she is still in the party.
  • Pippi's stat growth rates are identical to Teddy's.
    • As a result, besides PP, Wisdom, and Force, Pippi outranks Ninten in every stat, so many players hold on to her for as long as possible.
  • Despite being restricted to such an early section of the game, Pippi can still be present for obtaining two melodies. The first is the one in the broken Doll at Ninten's house if it was skipped earlier, and the second is from Laura at Canary Village.
  • In the Japanese Famicom version of the game only, if Pippi had Bread Crumbs in her inventory when delivered to the mayor, she will be able to return them to Ninten if he speaks to her at her house. If Ninten didn't previously use Bread himself, the game will end up using an invalid value for the destination supposed to be travelled to, resulting in Ninten being transported to a glitchy, grey version of the overworld. To fix this, all subsequent releases of the game were changed so that Pippi will no longer give Ninten her bread crumbs if she had any.
  • An unused enemy in Mother closely resembles Pippi, for unknown reasons.
  • If one plays throughout the game without returning Pippi (through hacking), she will not appear in the house at the swamp.
  • The Japanese name of Clefairy from Pokémon, another series by Creatures Inc., coincidentally is Pippi (ピッピ).


Pippi sprite.png
Pippi's overworld sprite.
Pippi ghost sprite.png
Pippi's unconscious sprite.
The casket containing Pippi.
The casket containing Pippi.
Gang Zombie
An unused enemy resembling Pippi


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