Hieroglyph copy

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Hieroglyph Copy
ヒエログリフのうつし Hieroglyph Copy
Hieroglyph copy.jpg
Artwork of the Hieroglyph Copy from the Mother 2 strategy guide
Type Miscellaneous item
Appears in EarthBound

The Hieroglyph Copy is an item in EarthBound. The item is a copy of the hieroglyphs found in the Scaraba Cultural Museum in Summers.


The Hieroglyph Copy is obtained in the Scaraba Cultural Museum from the museum's curator after inspecting the true hieroglyph, which is in an exhibit not available to the public. It teaches Ness's party the dance required to enter the pyramid in Scaraba. The item itself is not required to progress, as it is simply used as a convenient reminder for the player should they forget the dance.


Buying Selling
Not for sale Cannot be sold

In-game description

Something important is recorded in the ancient characters.

Where to obtain

Limited quantity Infinite quantity
Scaraba Cultural Museum (Recieved from the museum curator after studying the actual hieroglyphs)

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