Carrot key

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Carrot key
うさぎごのみニンジン Rabbit's Favorite Carrot
Carrot key.jpg
Artwork of the Carrot key from the Mother 2 strategy guide
Type Key item
Appears in EarthBound

The Carrot Key is a key item in EarthBound. The item allows the player to remove the rabbit statues blocking Pink Cloud.


When used on the rabbit statues blocking the entrance to Pink Cloud, it will erase the statues and then disappear from the inventory. When using it to the cow in Happy Happy Village, it will say "Cows and carrots? That's a nutty combination!" Additionally, having it in a party member's inventory when sailing from Toto to Scaraba will cause the sailor to notice the key and hints about bringing it to Poo's homeland Dalaam.


Buying Selling
Not for sale Cannot be sold

In-game description


A special type of bunny's favorite carrot.