Pak of bubble gum

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Pak of Bubble Gum
フーセンガム Balloon Gum
Pak of bubble gum.jpg
Artwork of the Pak of Bubble Gum from the Mother 2 strategy guide
Type Key item
Appears in EarthBound

The Pak of Bubble Gum is a key item in EarthBound. It allows Bubble Monkey to join Jeff's party and float to nearby locations.


The Pak of Bubble Gum allows Bubble Monkey to join Jeff's party, and using it later allows the Bubble Monkey to float short distances. It is necessary in order to ride Tessie during the first visit to Winters with Jeff, and when the party return later to reach Stonehenge Base.

It can also be used when Bubble Monkey is not in the party; however, it does not recover any HP.


Buying Selling
$1 Cannot be sold

In-game description

This is the Balloon Monkey's[sic] favorite. It will not help you recover, but you'll also never run out, 'cause it's a super jumbo pack!