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Tessie (EarthBound)

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For the innkeeper from Mother 3, see Tessie (Mother 3).
タッシー Tassy
Tessie EB Sprite.png
Tessie as it appears in EarthBound.
Appears in EarthBound
Residence Winters

Tessie is a large sea monster in EarthBound. It carries Jeff and Bubble Monkey across Lake Tess in Winters. Tessie is first mentioned when Jeff goes south of winters, and finds the Tessie-Watching Club, they all claim to have seen a gigantic sea creature. Jeff briefly rides on Tessie's back, thanks to the help of the Bubble Monkey, who calls Tessie and floats onto its head using the Pak of bubble gum. Tessie takes Jeff and the Bubble Monkey to the opposite side of Lake Tess, where they continue on to Dr. Andonuts's lab. Later, when Ness returns to Winters, Tessie can be used for the same purpose.


  • Tessie is apparently the cousin of the Loch Ness monster, an urban legend of the Scottish Highlands. Tessie also gets its name from the legend, as the monster is sometimes refered to as "Nessie".[1]
  • Either Tessie or a model thereof appears in the room of EarthBound objects in the Empire Porky Building in Mother 3.


  1. "This morning's Twoson Tribune... Ooops! My mistake... I brought the TwosonStar newspaper instead... Well, let me read this anyway... "Tessie in Lake Tess is cousin of Nessie" ...That's about it." -Hotel worker

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