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チビ Chibi
Clay model of King from EarthBound.
Gender Male
Appears in EarthBound
Residence Onett
Relatives Ness (owner)
Tracy (owner)
Ness's mother (owner)
Ness's father (owner)

King's sprite from EarthBound. King is Ness's dog in EarthBound.

In EarthBound

King can be seen sleeping in Ness's home during the meteorite strike. After Pokey knocks on Ness's door, his mother suggests that Ness take King with him. This is optional, however. When Ness reaches the meteorite, King becomes frightened and runs home, where the dog remains for the duration of the game, claiming to be sucked dry by fleas and unwilling to move. After Ness collects all eight of the Eight Melodies, a flashback showing King as a puppy can be seen briefly, where upstairs, Ness's parents worry of King becoming jealous of the newborn Ness. King also appears in Magicant as a character in Ness's home, stating how Ness used to be weak and small before. While King is in the party, the attacks used are randomly chosen.

Text Effect
Biting attack Low-level attack
Growl and lunge forward High-level attack
Charge forward High-level attack
Bark No effect


Being a temporary party member, King has stat values that can't be seen in game.

Offense 4
Guts 40
Speed 10
Luck 24

Default names

English Japanese
  • King
  • Peach
  • Sparky
  • Rex
  • Baby
  • Rover
  • Misty
  • チビ Chibi
  • バーナード Bernard
  • まさひろりん Masahirorin
  • リンゴ Ringo
  • ルーシー Lucy
  • ヨッシー Yoshi
  • さんぽ Sanpo


  • King has ladder sprites that aren't used.
  • King's sprites look different in the Japanese version of EarthBound.

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