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Magicant (EarthBound)

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This article is about the location known as Magicant in EarthBound. For other usages, see Magicant (disambiguation)
マジカント Magicant

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Magicant in EarthBound.

Welcome Self (town)
Labyrinth of a Dream (spiral)
Connected areas
Sea of Eden

Magicant (Japanese: マジカント Magicant) is a location in EarthBound. Magicant is created when Ness gathers all the Eight Melodies of the world, and exists in his mind. Magicant is also the only realm where Flying Man exists.

While EarthBound Beginnings also has a Magicant, the two are not the same place. This Magicant was created by Ness.


Magicant's starting point in EarthBound

Magicant is created when Ness gathers all the Eight Melodies of the world. Magicant has illusions of friends and enemies Ness has met on his journey, and old memories of his family, friends, and the younger versions of himself. His Magicant also changes colour depending on who he talks to, and it can be reverted back by talking to sunflowers or walking out of a building. The first area is a grassy area with giant vegetables, the second area is snowy, and the third area is a large swirling pink-coloured path. It has a hotel free of charge, and a shop that only sells Earth Pendants and Magic pudding. To the north of the second area is where the Flying Man house is located.

Role in EarthBound

After collecting the final melody, Ness wakes up in a realm within his dream known as Magicant. Similar to Magicant in EarthBound Beginnings, Ness's Magicant is a place inside his mind that contains his memories, such as friends and family he met and enemies. He can interact with his friends and family, and also enemies he met, he can also interact with his younger self. He can also talk to Porky, who tells Ness he wants to be friends, this implies that Ness may actually want to be friends with Porky. Magicant also has the Flying Men who represent Ness's courage. Ness's purpose in Magicant is that he must travel through the Sea of Eden to reach his nightmare, and conquer the evil in his mind once and for all. Once defeated, Ness hears his own voice speaking about how Giygas intends to wipe out the universe, however, the Apple of Enlightenment predicated that Ness and his friends will defeat Giygas. Finally, Ness hears his voice saying that he must go to Saturn Valley to reach Giygas. After this, Ness's mind is cleared of all evil and his strength increases significantly, Ness then wakes up and Magicant vanishes similar to Maria's Magicant.


Magicant Shop
EB Magicant Vendor sprite.png
Item Price Effect
Magic pudding.jpg Magic Pudding $680 Restores about 40 PP
Earth pendant EB.jpg Earth Pendant $4000 +16 Defence. Protects from Fire, Freeze, Flash (50%)


Item Location
Bag of dragonite.jpg Bag of Dragonite Next to the second Ness in the pink swirl area
Baseball cap.jpg Baseball cap Given by the second Ness in the pink swirl area
Goddess band.jpg Goddess band At the end of the path from going north at the second fork in the pink swirl area
Magic tart.jpg Magic tart Near the end of the pink swirl area
Magicant bat.jpg Magicant bat Halfway through the pink swirl area
Psi caramel.jpg PSI caramel At the east edge of the snow area


Sprite Enemy name Notes
PresentEarthbound.png Care Free Bomb 4/128 chance of dropping a Super bomb
ElectroSwooshOverworld.png Electro Swoosh 4/128 chance of dropping a Sudden guts pill
QuestionMarkOverworld.png French Kiss of Death 2/128 chance of dropping a Horn of life
PresentEarthbound.png Loaded Dice 4/128 chance of dropping a PSI caramel
QuestionMarkOverworld.png Mr. Molecule 2/128 chance of dropping a Magic tart


  • In the Japanese version, Ness wears nothing except his red hat in Magicant, while in the English version it was changed to his pyjamas. In Japan, nudity is a symbol of purity in this type of context, and this often occurs when a character is changing for the better during a supernatural event, just like how Ness is clearing his mind of all evil in Magicant.
  • While Magicant from EarthBound Beginnings appears in Super Smash Bros. series, the giant tomatoes and Flying Men's design, along with the design of their house, are from this version of Magicant.
  • In the English version a little girl says "La lalala. My name's Nico… Let's run and sing and dance!", in the Japanese the name "Nico" was absent. Nico is the name of the daughter of Marcus Lindblom, one of the localization directors for EarthBound, and she was born during the translation of EarthBound.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Magicant -
French Magicant -
German Magicant -
Italian Magicant -
Korean 매지컨트
Russian Грезия
Spanish Magicant -

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