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PSI caramel

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PSI caramel
サイコキャラメル Psycho Caramel
Psi caramel.jpg
Artwork of the PSI caramel from the Mother 2 strategy guide
Type Recovery item
Appears in EarthBound

The PSI caramel is a single use recovery item found in EarthBound. It restores PP to a party member.


When eaten, the PSI caramel will restore approximately 20 PP to the selected party member. Using it along with the Sugar packet will double the effect.


Buying Selling
Not for sale $50

In-game description

Replenishes 20 PP.

Where to obtain

Limited quantity Infinite quantity
Lilliput Steps, Dusty Dunes Desert, Gold Mine, Dungeon Man, Stonehenge Base and Magicant (presents) Sanchez Brothers (prize for matching three 7's), Territorial Oak (1/128 drop), Insane Cultist (1/128 drop), Foppy (2/128 drop), Dali's Clock (1/128 drop), Zap Eel (2/128 drop), Lesser Mook (2/128 drop), Mook Senior (4/128 drop), Fobby (4/128 drop), Psychic Psycho (4/128 drop), Ultimate Octobot (16/128 drop), Final Starman (4/128 drop)

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