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Sanchez Brothers

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Sanchez Brothers
スロットブラザース Slot Brothers
The Sanchez Brothers as they appear in EarthBound.
Gender Male
Appears in EarthBound
Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 8
Residence New Pork City
Occupation Slot machine substitutes

The Sanchez Brothers (commonly referred to as the Slot Brothers or Slot Machine Brothers) are two characters, who appear in EarthBound and Mother 3. They consist of big brother Pancho and kid brother Pincho, and appear alongside their friend, Tomas Jefferson. They do in both games wear square signs, which encircle their bodies and have different symbols on each side, to enable them to function as slot machines.

In EarthBound


In EarthBound, the Sanchez Brothers can be found near the roadway in the Dusty Dunes Desert, where they stand lined up in a horizontal row. There is a broken slot machine nearby, which tells Ness and his friends that the brothers and their friend are a cheerful trio, who will make them happy. If $1 then is put into the machine, the trio will spin around and end up facing in random cardinal directions; if all three of them face the same direction, they will give Ness a reward, which varies depending on the direction they were facing. The different symbols depicted on the signs are: an orange, when facing north, a red seven, when facing south, a lime, when facing west, and a blue equal sign, when facing east.

Symbol Reward
Orange Chick
Seven PSI caramel
Lime Can of fruit juice
Equals sign Skip sandwich

In Mother 3


In Mother 3, the Sanchez Brothers and Tomas Jefferson reappear in New Pork City, where they can be found in the northwestern portion of the city. The procedure of their slot machine-based mini-game goes exactly the same as in EarthBound, where they are lined up in a row next to a broken slot machine, who insists that the brothers will make Lucas and his friends happy; triggering the mini-game does however now cost 1 DP instead of $1 per turn. The brothers do thereafter spin around and end up facing random directions, and if they do all face the same one, Lucas will be given a reward; the majority of the rewards have also been changed from the previous installment. The symbols on their signs are essentially the same as the ones they had before, except for a minor change concerning the equal sign, which is visible when they face east, as it now has the shape of a "C".

Direction Reward
North Chick.png Chick
South MagicTart.png Magic Tart
West BigCitySoda.png Big City Soda
East BagOfPorkChips.png Bag of Pork Chips


  • In EarthBound, a seller located at the beach in Summers has the exact same sprite as the Sanchez Brothers.
  • A board game based on the Sanchez Brothers have been released by Ape Inc..[1]


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