Chapter 8

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Chapter 8
All Things...
なにもかも なにもかも
Anything and Everything
Chapter 8.png
Playable character Lucas
Main party Lucas
Main locations New Pork City
Empire Porky Building

Chapter 8 is the eighth and final numbered chapter in Mother 3, out of the 8 chapters in the game.


Warning! Spoiler warning: this article or section may contain major plot or ending details! Proceed with caution.

The New City

Lucas and company are riding inside a flying limousine, headed for New Pork City. The chauffeur states that the drive may take a while, and that they may have a look around the spacious limousine. There is a karaoke machine, a blackjack table, alcoholic drinks and many other forms of entertainment around the room, although they all appear to be fake and non-functional. After waiting in the limo for a short amount of time, the driver will announce that they have reached New Pork City, and will land on the western side of the city. The chauffeur hints that he and Lucas will meet again sometime soon, and after giving him a map of the city, goes back in his limousine and takes off.

Around the city, it is apparent that nearly all of the villagers from Tazmily Village have moved to New Pork City. There are many stores and buildings, such as a restaurant, a movie theater, and a game arcade. Inside of the movie theater, a movie of Ness and his friends are playing. Various customers are complaining about a stinky bug around the theater, and after searching around the theater seats, a bug pops out of one. Boney chases the bug around the theater momentarily, and chases it into a large hole in one of the speakers. The hole is not big enough for a grown person to go through, however, and Lucas goes to find another way to locate Boney. One of the people in the theater tells him that the hole in the speaker connects to the city sewers. Inside of the arcade, a man is sitting near a man-hole cover leading to the sewers, and is complaining about a dog's barking. Lucas asks him to lift the man-hole cover to go inside, and he obliges.

Inside of the sewers, Boney's barking can be heard. Kumatora comments that Boney is probably somewhere nearby, and after navigating the damp passageway, Boney's barking gets progressively louder and louder. The three of them eventually find an apartment complex in very bad condition, with old shopping carts and other ruined object strewn about. Boney is at the end of the hallway, standing next to Leder, who is tied up and chained in a large and messy room. When Lucas goes up to Leder, he begins to speak. Leder explains that there was an important secret he was protecting, and simply chose not to speak during his entire stay in Tazmily Village. The secret began to leak out, however, and the time has come for him to reveal it to Lucas. He notes that he probably will not want to hear about this, but it is very important and essential that he must.

Leder's Speech

Leder then begins to explain about Tazmily Village and the Nowhere Islands's origins. There used to be a larger world than just the islands, however, over time, it was destroyed by humankind. Shortly before the world's destruction, a plan known as the White Ship was crafted. People knew that the Nowhere Islands were a special place, an area that was created to keep existing, even after everything else had been destroyed. The handful of people decided to move to the island, and start their lives anew. They had planned to wipe everyone's memories of the old world, and create new roles and lives, wishing to not repeat the destruction of the old world. Tazmily Village was created as a simple, peaceful town, something all of the people on the White Ship had wished for. The fact that the memory replacement took place needed to be recorded in some way, however, and the Egg of Light was the device used to store the knowledge and old memories of the world. Wess and Duster took on the role of thieves to retrieve the Egg of Light if a crisis occurred and to keep the lid shut on the old memories. Leder also explains that he was the only one who did not get his memories wiped, and had an important emergency occurred, he would be the one to reveal the secrets to everyone.

He mentions Osohe Castle, and how that there used to be residents on the islands many years ago. A king once ruled over the islands, but by the time the White Ship arrived, they had long abandoned the islands. Kumatora was a young infant when the White Ship first arrived, and was orphaned. She was given the role of being the princess of the castle, and was taken in and raised by the Magypsies. Wess and Duster had also been given the role to protect the princess as part of the new "story". Leder laments about the White Ship's plans being created somewhat in a hurry, and how the myths and legends they had plotted never came into place. This also provides an explanation as to why no one in the village was able to talk about anything around 100 years ago.

Leder talks about how things went smoothly with the new "story" of Tazmily Village, and how the villagers got along peacefully. Things had started to go wrong, however, once Porky had stumbled upon the islands. Porky owned a machine that could travel through space and time at will, but overuse had trapped him in this particular era. He could still transport people from other eras into this time, and pulled all of the miscellaneous people and the Pigmasks from different times and brainwashed them. Porky had then decided to use the islands as his personal sandbox to mess with, turning normal animals into Chimeras, crafting the Pigmask Army, and modernizing the village, starting the cycle of destruction over once again. He had learned of the White Ship's secret when one of the Magypsies, Locria, betrayed the other Magypsies and started working with Porky, assisting him in his evil plans. Locria had revealed many things to Porky, such as the Seven Needles, and the White Ship. Porky then desired to pull the Seven Needles and cause more destruction, and to command the Dark Dragon to do what he pleased. He had found someone with the ability to pull the Needles, and turned him into a cyborg to do his bidding. Leder then tells Lucas about his destiny to pull the Seven Needles, and urges him to pull the final one to foil Porky's plans, and to awaken the Dark Dragon for good.

He reflects on how six of the seven Needles have been pulled, and how the dragon below is just starting to awaken. Porky had gathered everyone currently remaining in the world in New Pork City as a wicked final party of destruction, and take everyone out in one fell swoop. Leder tells Lucas to take this final chance and turn everything around, pulling the final Needle and to start everything peacefully anew. Lucas had once been a weak young boy, now realizing his crucial destiny of recreating the world. Leder assures him that everyone is on his side, there to assist, and that the Needle must be very close. He suggests to encounter Porky on the 100th floor of the Empire Pork Building, and to search for clues on the Needle's location. Leder concludes his long speech, and tells the Stinkbug near him to go with Lucas in case he needed a refresher on the history of anything and everything.

Investigation of the Empire Porky Building

As Lucas and his party exit the sewers, Fassad ambushes them, and has been upgraded with even more musical horns than when they last encountered him. He attacks in a rage, intending to stop Lucas once and for all. A long and tough battle with Fassad occurs, and he continues to fight even after many of his horns are knocked off. However, he soon loses the strength to keep fighting, and notes that his life is in danger. He says to Lucas that they will never meet again, in a fight or otherwise. Fassad then falls into the sewage, and presumably drowns.

When Lucas and company finally exit the sewers, the city is bustling, and even more people have been brought in. Many of the new people act almost zombie-like, repeating different and simple nonsensical phrases. Lucas pushes on and goes to the Empire Porky Building as Leder suggested, and attempts to ride the elevator. A worker explains that the elevator can only go to the 24th floor at the moment, where a DCMC concert is being held. Inside of the elevator, the worker looks at Duster and recognizes him as the bassist for DCMC, Lucky. He gets excited to see that their bassist is back, and tells Duster to get to the concert hall as soon as possible for the performance.

Inside of the concert hall, everyone in the band gleefully greets Duster, and talk briefly about the situation everyone is in, including Porky's destructive plots. They all then ask Duster to come along and play music for the concert, to re-live old memories of their performances together. The band members even have his old afro on hand, and Duster puts it back on. The concert then begins, and people start to gather in the hall. OJ announces that this will possibly the last time the crowd can see them perform live, and that this may be their final performance in general. The band first plays their theme song, and continue onto the next song without a break in-between. However, in the middle of the second song, the power goes out, and OJ gets the feeling that someone may have interrupted the concert on purpose. Porky is heard over the speaker system, and he commands Lucas to come to the 100th floor of the building.

Up the Skyscraper

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