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Nowhere Islands

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Artwork of the Nowhere Islands.

The Nowhere Islands (Japanese: ノーウェアとう Nowhere Islands) is a chain of islands, and is the main setting of Mother 3. The Nowhere Islands is the home of Lucas, the protagonist of Mother 3, and his family and friends.


As the name implies, the Nowhere Islands is a group of islands in a very remote location. There is one large island which is civilized and where most of the game takes place, the majority of the island is forests and mountains. The southern portion is where Tazmily Village is located, it is the only town on the islands. To the north of the town is an ancient castle, and west of it the Sunshine Forest. The forest continues north up to Mt. Oriander, a tall rocky mountain. The Drago Plateau is located on Mt. Oriander, it is where a race of friendly reptiles named Dragos live. Somewhere in the center of the islands is a small desert known as Death Desert.

East of Tazmily Village is a large forest known as the Murasaki Forest, which is at the foot of another mountain. Fire Mountain is a large volcano, and beside it is the Snowcap Mountain, the tallest mountain on the islands which as the name implies is capped with snow. South of the main island is a small, uncivilized island known as Tanetane Island. This island is mostly jungle like, a small mountain is also located here.


Unlike the previous regions, the Nowhere Islands is not based off of a real-life location, but is instead a small island that remained after a cataclysm wiped out the larger world. Before the events of Mother 3 took place, there existed a larger world. It is never specified what world this was, but it was much larger and advanced compared to the Nowhere Islands. A cataclysm destroyed this world, it is believed to have been caused by the lifestyle of the people living in this world. A select few foresaw the destruction happening, and so they boarded the White Ship to escape.

The ship arrived on the Nowhere Islands, which was protected from the destruction by the Dark Dragon, which is approximately at the same size of the islands. The people of the White Ship believed that in order to prevent another cataclysm, they should clear their memories of the previous world and start a new life beginning in Tazmily Village on the Nowhere Islands. Everyone was assigned a "role" in the village to create a "story" of the history of the islands. Eventually the people realized the Dark Dragon could not co-exist with them, and so it was put to a deep sleep below the islands and sealed away by the Seven Needles, which are guarded by the Magypsies. The Dark Dragon can only be awakened by those who have the ability to pull the Needles, and will grant the wishes of whoever pulls the Needles.

Memo description

"This won't be easy to believe at first... But it is said that deep in the earth below these islands lies an enormous sleeping dragon. It isn't the lovable Drago from the forest, and it isn't the poor, modified Mecha-Drago, either. It's the Dragon from the legend, or so they say."


Cities and towns

Map Town name Description
Tazmily4-7.png Tazmily Village Tazmily Village is a small town and one of the only town on the Nowhere Islands. It is the hometown of Lucas and his family, who live in the southern part of the village. Prior to Chapter 4 the town had a rural appearence, which afterwards it became modernized. Most of the Nowhere Islands' population lives in this village, it is where the Pigmask Army's main target is to influence the people of the islands into following their lifestyle.
Saturn Valley M3.png Saturn Valley Saturn Valley is a small settlement found near the Highway. Similar to it's EarthBound counterpart, it is home to the Mr. Saturns. During the events of Mother 3, the Mr. Saturn were being interrogated by the Pigmasks to reveal the location of a Needle. After being saved by Lucas and his friends, they help the team reach the Needle as thanks.
NewPorkCityMap.png New Pork City New Pork City is a metropolis built by Porky Minch and the Pigmasks, its name being an obvious parody of New York City. By Chapter 8, all of the residents of the Nowhere Islands have moved into the city as part of Porky's ultimate goal of becoming the ruler of the world. The city has many attractions, such as an arcade, theater, and an amusement park. Somewhere near this city is the final Needle, which requires traveling underground to reach.

Areas of interest

Map Area name Description
Alec Mt Oriander M3i.png Mt. Oriander Mt. Oriander is a mountain located north of the Sunshine Forest, and where Hinawa's father Alec lives. This is the first place visited in the game when Lucas's family are visiting. During the start several animals live here as well, plus Dragos can also be found as well. By Chapter 4, Alec's house was struck by lightning forcing him to move.
Sunshine Forest.jpg Sunshine Forest Sunshine Forest is a large forest between Mt. Oriander and Tazmily Village. The forest was once peaceful until a fire caused by the Pigmasks agitated the creatures living in the forest, later the forest became overrun by chimeras. Lighter, Fuel and Isaac live in the forest.
Drago Plateau.png Drago Plateau Drago Plateau is located on top of Mt. Oriander, it is home to the Dragos. Claus climbs the mountain to avenge Hinawa, however he is left injured forcing Flint and Alec to go find him. Along the way the find the Drago who killed Hinawa, who the Pigmasks reconstructed into a chimera.
Hinawa grave.png Sunset Cemetery The Sunset Cemetery is north of Tazmily Village. Nippolyte is the gravekeeper. Here is where Hinawa was buried after her death, Flint visits on a regular basis to mourn for her. Afterwards in Chapter 2, Duster traverses through here during his visits to Osohe Castle. Several other times throughout the game this place is visited on minor occasions.
Osohe Castle M3i.png Osohe Castle The Osohe Castle is an ancient castle from back when a kingdom existed on the Nowhere Islands, during the events of the game the kingdom ceased and the castle became abandoned. Kumatora has the role as the princess of Osohe Castle, with Wess and Duster as her retainers. The castle is very large and haunted, though many of the ghosts are friendly. In Chapter 2, Duster is tasked to search the castle to retrieve the Egg of Light, which contains the memories of the people of the Nowhere Islands. Behind the castle is one of the Needles.
Death Desert M3i.png Death Desert Death Desert is a small desert found at the foot of Mt. Oriander, only accessable during the start of Chapter 3. This is where Salsa is first seen being abused by Fassad, and is forced to do his bidding to save his girlfriend. At the ends of the desert, the two find the entrance to the Candrum Underpass, guarded by the Cactus Wolf, which defeating it lets them enter the underpass, leaving the desert permanently inaccessible.
Candrum Underpass.png Candrum Underpass The Candrum Underpass is a passageway connect Death Desert to Tazmily Village, and several other locations. Salsa and Fassad use this to travel to Tazmily Village.
Railway Spring.png Railway The Railway is a set of train tracks connecting Tazmily Village to the Murasaki Forest. In Chapter 4, Lucas and Boney are forced to travel on the tracks on foot to reach Club Titiboo, on the way they meet Ionia who awakens Lucas's PSI. Starting in Chapter 5 the train is able to be ridden.
Murasaki Forest.png Murasaki Forest The Murasaki Forest is located eastward. Here is where some of the Pigmask's facilities are found, which includes the Factory, Chimera Laboratory, and several others. Lucas and co first visits here to reach Club Titiboo in search of Duster, they later travel deeper to search for the Egg of Light. Doria's house is also located in the forest near the Chimera Laboratory, here is where one of the Needles are located.
Factory.png Factory The Factory is found in the Murasaki Forest. The factory is where Claymen are made and repaired. Lucas works part time in order to recieve a ticket for Club Titiboo, his job is to take the damaged Claymen to the first floor in order to recharge them.
Club Titiboo.png Club Titiboo Club Titiboo is a venue located on a hilltop, accessed via ropeway. Here is where the Factory workers head to after work. A popular band known as the DCMC performs here. Lucas visits here after hearing rumors that the bassist Lucky could actually be Duster, who went missing three years prior. Kumatora had also been working here as a waitress in order to gather information. The rumors were later proven to be true, and Duster agrees to leave Club Titiboo and the DCMC to join Lucas.
UnknownValley.png Unknown Valley Unknown Valley is east of the Murasaki Forest. Duster had previously hidden the Egg of Light here, in what he didn't know at the time was a Clayman. The Clayman was struck by lightning, causing it to malfunction and flee to the Highway.
ClaymanFactory.png Clayman Factory The Clayman is located at the end of Unknown Valley and connects to the Highway. This is where the Pigmasks manufacture Claymen. Lucas arrives when chasing the Clayman carrying the Egg of Light, where he is mistaken as the commander of the Pigmask Army and given a uniform. Outside the dump truck takes the Clayman to the dump, so Lucas and co must chase it.
Highway.png Highway The Highway is a set of roads created by the Pigmasks. It connects Thunder Tower to the Candrum Underpass, Saturn Valley, and several other areas. Lucas chases the dump truck carrying the Clayman in order to retrieve the Egg of Light. Later he uses the Highway to reach Thunder Tower.
Thunder Tower.png Thunder Tower The Thunder Tower is accessed from the Highway. Built by the Pigmasks sometime between Chapter 3 and 4, it uses artificial lightning to strike the houses which didn't purchase a Happy Box with lightning. It is powered by a large generator. It is revealed that the tower is responsible for the abnormal lightning strikes wrecking the homes of several citizens of the island, so Lucas and his friends climb the tower in order to permanently shut it down.
Murasaki Forest Chimera Lab.png Chimera Laboratory The Chimera Laboratory is located in the Murasaki Forest near Club Titiboo. Inside where the Chimeras that have started inhabiting the Nowhere Islands are created. Lucas, once again mistaken for a member of the Pigmask Army, searches the laboratory to find Salsa, who can open the door leading to the Needle. Along the way they are warned about a dangerous chimera, once confronted by it Salsa deactivated it and helps Lucas to find the next Needle.
Mole Cricket Hole.PNG Mole Cricket Hole The Mole Cricket Hole is an underground passageway where the mole crickets live, including the one who battled Lucas at the start of the game. The hole connects to Snowcap Mountain, which happens to be the location of a Needle. As such Lucas and his friends trek through here in order to reach the mountain.
Snowcap Mountain.png Snowcap Mountain Snowcap Mountain is the tallest mountain on the Nowhere Islands located far in the east. As the name implies, it is capped with snow. At the top of the mountain is Lydia's house and one of the seven Needles. Lucas and co climbs the mountain to reach the Needle, however they are too late and the Masked Man has already pulled it.
Fire Mountain needle.png Fire Mountain Fire Mountain is a volcanic mountain located near Saturn Valley. Inside is where one of the Needles are located. After helping the Mr. Saturns, Lucas enters in search of the next Needle. After defeated an upgraded form of Fassad, Lucas successfully pulls the Needle.
Ocean M3.png Sea Floor Dungeon Sea Floor Dungeon is a pathway under the ocean. It connects Cerulean Beach to Tanetane Island. Because this is the only way to reach Tanetane Island, the location of one of the Needles, Lucas and co walk underwater while receiving oxygen from machines designed as mermen to get to Tanetane Island.
Tanetane Island.png Tanetane Island Tanetane Island is a small island south of Tazmily Village. The island is uncivilized with only Mixolydia living there aside from the animals. One of the Needles is on the top of a hill on the island. When Lucas and his friends are attacked by Master Eddy in the Sea Floor Dungeon, they are left stranded on the beach. Starving, they are forced to eat strange mushrooms which caused hallucinations for all but Boney throughout their travels on the island.
Argilla Pass.png Argilla Pass Argilla Pass is an area that leads to Ionia's house and one of the Needles. Lucas and co travel through here to reach Ionia's house. However, along the way Lucas drop the Jar of Yummy Pickles, which Boney eventually finds. Ionia's house is at the end of the area.
Chupichupyoi outside.png Chupichupyoi Temple This temple is located near Argilla Pass and is where the sixth Needle is hidden. The entrance is blocked by vines which are frozen in time, with the only way to remove them is to use the Waters of Time. Lucas encounters the Masked Man who is pursuing the Needle, however the Masked Man is defeated leaving Lucas to pull the Needle.
Empire Porky Building.png Empire Porky Building The Empire Porky Building is a 100 story building in New Pork City. The mastermind behind the events of the game, Porky Minch, lives in the tower on the 100th floor. To put a stop to Porky's schemes, Lucas and co storm the building to take on Porky and find the final Needle.

Needle locations

Map Needle Description
Aeolia's Needle.png Aeolia's Needle The first Needle is behind Osohe Castle, which requires going underground to reach. This Needle is guarded by Aeolia, and later pulled by the Masked Man. Its location is on the Dark Dragon's belly button.
Doria's Needle.png Doria's Needle The second Needle is in the Murasaki Forest behind the door at the lake near Chimera Laboratory. The Needle is below a pond, to reach it the water must be drained and moved to the pond beside it. This Needle is guarded by Doria, and later pulled by Lucas. Its location is on the Dark Dragon's heart.
Lydia's Needle.png Lydia's Needle The third Needle is at the top of Snowcap Mountain. This Needle is guarded by Lydia, and later pulled by the Masked Man. Its location is on the Dark Dragon's left hand.
Fire Mountain needle.png Phrygia's Needle The fourth Needle is inside Fire Mountain. After rescuing the Mr. Saturn, Lucas is able to enter the volcano to find the Needle. Fassad ambushes the team at the Needle, but is defeated. This Needle is guarded by Phrygia, and later pulled by Lucas. Its location is on the Dark Dragon's right hand.
Mixolydia's Needle.png Mixolydia's Needle The fifth Needle is on a hilltop on Tanetane Island. After being woken from their mushroom hallucinations, Lucas and co reach the Needle which was protected by the Barrier Trio, however as Lucas was about to pull it he is knocked out by the Masked Man. This Needle is guarded by Mixolydia, and later pulled by the Masked Man. Its location is on the Dark Dragon's left foot.
Ionia's Needle.png Ionia's Needle The sixth Needle is in the Chupichupyoi Temple in Argilla Pass. The Masked Man attempted to enter the temple to pull it first, but the vines prevented him from doing so. After defeating him, Lucas uses the Waters of Time to clear the vines and enter the temple. This Needle is guarded Ionia, and later pulled by Lucas. Its location is on the Dark Dragon's right foot.
Final area.png Locria's Needle The final Needle is located in a strange dimension in New Pork City. Lucas and the Masked Man, revealed to be Claus, battle one on one on the plateau where the Needle stands. Lucas defeats Claus, after which Claus regains his senses before passing. Lucas then pulls the Needle to pass his hearts to the Dark Dragon. Locria was the guardian of the Needle before betraying the Magypsies, and joining forces wirh the Pigmasks as Fassad. Its location is on the Dark Dragon's body is unknown.

In the Super Smash Bros. series

The Nowhere Islands is mentioned in several trophies throughout the series. Lucas's reveal trailer references the Nowhere Islands by saying he came "out of nowhere", plus Lucas is referenced as the "Boy from Nowhere" in the American versions of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and Ultimate on the Boxing Ring stage.

New Pork City, which is part of the Nowhere Islands, is featured in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Ultimate. Unlike in the games, however, it is floating over what appears to be the ocean, with an unknown city in the background. It is unknown if the city in the background is the Nowhere Islands.

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