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フリギア Phrygia
Phrygia's sprite in Mother 3
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 1
Residence Fire Mountain

Phrygia is one of the seven Magypsies in Mother 3. She is typically the fourth to have her Needle pulled, and first appears in Chapter 1. She is named after the Phrygian mode of music.


Phrygia often takes naps and is frequently found asleep. When she is not busy sleeping, however, she is shown to be serious and knowledgeful, paying close attention to details. Phrygia is skilled at organizing her thoughts, and often writes them down in her secret notebook.


She has been guarding the Needle deep within Fire Mountain for thousands of years, blocking the path to the volcano with large stone blocks. She has enchanted the stones to only move when someone tells them a specific set of encouraging words, and only gives out the phrases when the time for the Needle to be pulled has come.

In Chapter 1, she is first met by Flint at one of Aeolia's monthly parties. Flint had come to Aeolia to inquire about his missing son, Claus. Phrygia had wondered why he was so concerned about Claus's safety, and argued that the Magypsies shouldn't care about such comparatively short lifespans.

Later, in Chapter 7, Lucas goes to visit Phrygia at her house, however, she is fast asleep. Phrygia had predicted this occurring, and had written him a brief letter in advance. The letter told Lucas of the Needle's location within the volcano, and left him the specific phrases to move the boulders blocking the path. Very shortly after the Needle was pulled, Phrygia had woken up and rushed over to where Lucas was, and briefly stated where the next three Needles were located. Phrygia also wrote this information down in one of her notebooks, and gave it to Lucas. She lamented about not knowing where Locria's Needle was located and not being to ever find out, and disappeared, leaving behind her memento.

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