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イオニア Ionia
Ionia the Magypsy
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 1
Residence Mt. Oriander

Ionia is one of the seven Magypsies in Mother 3. She is the sixth to have her Needle pulled, and first appears in Chapter 1. She is named after the Ionian mode of music.


Ionia is outgoing and flamboyant, and is also shown to be very nice and helpful. She is one of the only Magypsies to care for humans, being friends with Alec and raising Kumatora for most of her life. Ionia enjoys sour foods, being very happy when Lucas visits her and brings her a Jar of Yummy Pickles, and also has a sour drink on the table in her house.


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She has been guarding the Needle in Chupichupyoi Temple for thousands of years, and has sealed off the entrance of the temple with vines frozen in time. Ionia will only give out the Waters of Time used to awaken the vines when the time for the Needle to be pulled has come.

When the White Ship first landed on the Nowhere Islands, Kumatora was an orphaned baby, and Ionia had taken her in to raise himself. She had also taught her how to use PSI. Kumatora grew very close to Ionia, and was very disappointed to see her disappear when her Needle was pulled.

In Chapter 1, Alec and Flint encounter her at Aeolia's party. Ionia introduces his human friend to the other Magypsies, and briefly chat.

Lucas first accidentally meets Ionia in a hot spring in Chapter 4. Ionia had gone there to soak and restore his PSI abilities, and also teaches Lucas how to use PSI. Upon seeing that Lucas had the ability to learn PK Love, she noted that they are sure to meet again in the future.

Later, in Chapter 7, Lucas finds Ionia on the bridge, apparently assaulted and tied up with a rope. She recognizes Lucas as the boy she met at the hot spring before, and briefly wonders if "the time" has come. She asks Lucas if he could escort him to Aeolia's house to make sure that she is okay, and upon reaching there, they find that someone had just pulled Aeolia's Needle. Before Aeolia fully disappears, she asks Lucas and Ionia if they can go see who pulled the Needle, and moves his table to reveal a secret passageway leading to the Needle. The two go to investigate, and Ionia is shocked to not feel anything upon arriving there. She comments that he would usually be able to sense the good or evil in the soul of the person who pulled the Needle, and wonders if there can be someone in the world without a soul. Ionia then remembers to explain the Seven Needles to Lucas, and flies off to protect her Needle at Chupichupyoi Temple. She had also gone to the other Magypsies to alert them of "the time" drawing closer.

After the pulling of the first five Needles, Lucas journeys to Ionia's house, to give her a gift from one of the other Magypsies, and to also pull her Needle. Ionia briefly chats with everyone, and gives Lucas the Waters of Time to open the temple. Before Lucas pulls the Needle in the temple, however, Ionia teaches Kumatora PK Starstorm, for her to use to assist Lucas on his journey. Lucas then successfully pulls the Needle, and before fully disappearing, Ionia suddenly realizes the final Needle's location and describes it being in a "dirty, lively place", and apologizes for not being able to be clearer. She then disappears, leaving behind her memento, and Kumatora is disappointed to see her guardian fade away for good.

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