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Images added to this wiki should be "free-use" when possible - that is, they either are public domain or licensed by the copyright holder under a license that allows anyone to reuse the images. If this is not possible - due to the copyrighted nature of the Mother series and the characters therein - care should be taken to be sure that files are used under a proper fair use justification.


  • To upload images you must be logged in.
  • Click on "Upload file" in the toolbox on the left (under the search boxes)
  • The "Browse" button lets you find the image on your hard drive. Click "open" to select the file.
  • If you want to change the file name, you can do so in the "Destination filename" box.
  • Use the "Summary" box to enter the source of the file.
  • Click "Upload".

You will be warned if the name will be changed or if there is already a file with that name. You can then decide whether to go ahead or to abandon the upload.

Using Images

To use an image in an article, you simply surround the full name (including the "File" part) in double square brackets:

[[File:Example.jpg]] will give you: Example.jpg
You can resize by adding the size in pixels between two pipes:

[[File:Example.jpg|50px|]] will give you: Example.jpg

You can make an image a thumbnail an image by adding "thumb" in the same way. If a pipe is there from a previous variable, you don't need to add another:

[[File:Example.jpg|50px|thumb|]] will give you:

This is automatically formatted to the right of the page. You can change this by adding "left" or "center":

[[File:Example.jpg|50px|thumb|left|]] will give you:

Anything after the last pipe becomes the alt text or the caption:

[[File:Example.jpg|50px|thumb|left|Alt]] will give you:

To link to a file without showing it on the page, you can use "Media" instead of "File":

[[Media:Example.jpg]] will give you: Media:Example.jpg
To link to the image page instead, use a colon before the word "File":

[[:File:Example.jpg]] will give you: File:Example.jpg
Finally, to create a gallery of images you can use the <gallery> tag. "File:" does not need to be added to file names:


Will give you: