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Help:Uploading media

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This is an official WikiBound policy.
In a nutshell: Read the FAQ section to learn about our uploading policy

Please follow any guidelines provided on this page.

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This page is a guide to upload media files to WikiBound.

To upload a file you first need to be autoconfirmed. Once you are:

  1. Go to Special:Upload. It also appears at the toolbox to the left, as "Upload file".
  2. Select the file you are uploading.
  3. Click the "browse" button, and select the image you want to upload.
  4. In the "destination filename" box, write what you want the image to be named. Remember to write the valid filename extension.*
  5. Write the summary in the big box. This will show up in the recent changes, and in the page. Be sure to include where you got the file from, what it depicts, etc.
  6. Check "watch this page" if you want to know when someone changes this page. Check "ignore any warnings" if you don't care about the warnings.

*Valid filename extensions include png, gif, jpg, ogg, ogv, oga.

Frequently asked questions

This section is to answer any questions users may have with our uploading policy.

User images

Can I use an image in my userspace?

Images are free to be used anywhere they are relevant to, and that includes your userspace. There are currently no restrictions on what images you can have in your userspace.

Can I have a personal image?

Images solely for personal usage are allowed on this wiki. If you intend to upload an image solely for your userspace, they must always and only go into Category:User images.

Upload related

What are categories?

Categories are used to organize files by what they are about and makes it easier to locate them. Be sure to always include a category for image you upload by putting [[Category:(category name)]]. For a list of categories see here.

What are copyright tags?

Copyright tags are used to license the images appropriately for copyright purposes. These tags are used to assert that the image is being used appropriatly according to copyright laws.

Do I need to provide a source of where the image is from?

Providing sources is mostly optional, however it is ideal to specify where you got the image from, be it official artwork, from a strategy guide, an in-game rip, an in-game screenshot, etc. If possible, you may also provide a link to the source of the image.

What should I put in the summary?

The best things to put in the summary is what the image is about, and where you got it from. Summaries are used to describe what the image is about.

Why do I need to be autoconfirmed to upload files?

Autoconfirmation exists to make sure a user can be trusted with creating new pages without worrying about vandalism. The same applies to uploading files in order to prevent malicious editors from uploading vandal/spam images onto this wiki.

Image related

What is native resolution?

Native resolution is a term used to mean the file is the exactly the same as it's original size. For example a sprite directly ripped without being enlarged or shrunken is considered native resolution.

Do images need to be native resolution?

Having images at native resolution is not a requirement. However, having certain images at native resolution is ideal as they can be properly resized while still displaying clearly.

What are upscaled sprites?

Upscaled sprites are sprites that have been intentionally enlarged in order to display clearly in places where the native resolution sprites would look very blurry when enlarged on the default skin. Places where upscaled sprites are ideal are in infoboxes or in character galleries. Upscaled sprites should go into Category:Upscaled images. If an upscaled sprite is uploaded, it is also required to have a seperate image of the sprite at native resolution as well.

There is an image that is poor quality. What should I do?

If you spot a poor quality image, you can upload a new file if you have a higher quality version. If it's the same file type you can select "Upload a new version of this file". If you are unable to provide a better version of the file you can tag it with {{image quality|(reason)}} while providing a reason why it needs to be replaced if necessary.

A file has the wrong name, how do I rename it?

If you spot a file that should be renamed click the "Move" tab at the top of the page. You will be taken to a form where you must provide the new name of the file, and a reason why you are renaming it.

There is a file that needs to be deleted, what should I do?

If you believe an image should be deleted, tag it with {{delete|(reason)}} and an administrator will delete the image. Be sure to always provide a reason as for why it needs to be deleted. Common delete reasons include it being not EarthBound related, a fan made image, a duplicate file, or replaced with another image.

Uploading problems

I tried uploading a new version of a file, but it's not displaying the new version of the image. What happened?

Sometimes when uploading a new version of a file, the change may not be visable right away. Don't worry if this happens as the upload did not fail: the site needs time to refresh to properly display the new version of the image wherever it is being used. Additionally, you may slso need to clear your cache or hard refresh your browser by holding Ctrl or ⌘ while pressing the refresh button/key.


Are modified files allowed?

Files that have been modified from their original state are generally discouraged from being used. However, there are reasonable exceptions such as it was cropped to remove unnecessary parts or to add transparency. Images that have been slightly brightened or enhanced slightly in other ways are also allowed, provided that it is solely to restore its original quality (eg if it was originally too dark or poor quality). In general just use common sense for modified files.

Are fan made images allowed?

Fan made images are strictly prohibited from being used in the mainspace. The only place fan made images are allowed is in your userspace. Any fan made images that have been put in the mainspace will be considered vandalism and will be removed and deleted immediately.