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Administrators are an advanced form of user with several extra abilities. Administrators are promoted from a regular user by a bureaucrat and from then on they police through edits, weeding out the bad ones. While administrators should be contacted about wiki questions, please do not contact the Abuse filter administrator; it is only a MediaWiki extension.

Staff levels


Administrators have several abilities that regular users do not have, the most major ones are blocking, deleting, protecting, and hiding revisions. Blocking is the act of removing a user's power to edit pages and banning them from doing anything for a set amount of time as punishment for breaking the rules. Administrators can also unblock users if the block was unfair. Deleting is taking away an article from the wiki because it was not satisfactory or because it was made as a vandalism article, restoration is another administrator ability and brings back deleted articles.

Protection allows an administrator to change the protection level of a page - everybody, logged-in users only or administrators only. An administrator would protect an article if the article is not for the general public to edit or if it is a target of much vandalism. Finally, hiding a revision is the acting of removing a particular revision from the page history, preventing the general public from viewing it. This ability is normally used for hiding a revision containing unwanted personal information, or something potentially dangerous such as one containing an external link to malware.

Administrators also have the ability to undo multiple revisions by the same user using the Rollback link, granted that the particular revision is the most recent.


Bureaucrats have the same abilities as administrators with a few additional features: editing the mediawiki interface, renaming users, and changing user group rights, which also includes promoting users to the administrator level. Bureaucrats can also check a user's IP addresses and other information using check user should they suspect that a user maybe be a sockpuppet of another user.


Main article: WikiBound:Editor-in-Chief

Editor-in-chiefs still have the same abilities as bureaucrats, however they are the highest authority of Wiki staff behind the owner Tacopill. They have the responsibilities of settling disputes without interrupting the natural process of gathering consensus, but also intervenes whenever editors become disruptive and malicious. They may also help lead the other staff to encourage good edits, welcome new members, or recommend users to be promoted to admins.

How to Become an Administrator

Becoming an Administrator requires a lot of dedicated work on the articles on the WikiBound and a vast knowledge of wikicoding. Administrators must know you are trustworthy and able to help the wiki out before giving you the ability to block other users. The bureaucrats will select the administrators out of the active users on the wiki, do not ask to be promoted - it will come in due time.

Current Administrators

There are several current administrators on the WikiBound; you can view a full list of them at this link.

Additionally, below is a list of admins along with their position and username. Generally active staff are online regularly, so if you need to contact one they are the best ones to see.

While semi-active administrators visit occasionally, they may not come on regularly to respond to any needs. However they may show up and take part on the wiki, and assist with any administrative needs.

Staff on a hiatus or inactive staff rarely show up, or possibly not at all. Though users on a hiatus may eventually return, inactive staff have not been online in a long time, and they will likely be unresponsive to any contact attempts.

User Position Status
Ultimate Toad Bureaucrat Semi-active
Trig Jegman Bureaucrat Active

Former Administrators

These members have not been active in a very long time and have had their roles removed, or have stepped down from their position. Should they wish to return, their ranking will be restored. Contact with these members is not likely to see a response.

User Highest position
Tacopill Owner
GeneticistVarik Editor-in-Chief
BB Zombie Gang Administrator
Miles of SmashWiki Bureaucrat
Tina Bureaucrat
EggOfReason Administrator

Other positions

These users contribute on the server side of Wikibound. Unlike normal administrators who are responsible for stepping in during conflicts and keep watch for vandals or other malicious editors, these users are mainly responsible for maintaining the site to keep it running.

Interface administrators

Interface administrators are users who have the rights to edit the common CSS and other main ones. A CSS is the Wiki interface containing the codes for layouts and fonts for the skins, and interface administrators are responsible for maintaining and updating them.

Interface Admin Positions

Position Current User(s)
Interface admin Ultimate Toad
Interface admin Tacopill
Interface admin Tech Support
Interface admin Trig Jegman

Tech Support

Tech support does tasks such as updating the website and server side maintenance.

Tech Support Positions

Position Current User(s)
System Theta Ampera