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This is an official WikiBound policy.
In a nutshell: Signitures identify the user on talk pages. Be sure to sign your comments with four tildes ('~~~~') so users know who wrote the comment.

Please follow any guidelines provided on this page.

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Signatures can be a link to a user page, a link to a userpage and a date, or just a date. These work by typing special wiki code. Signatures help identify the user making the comment and should be used on all talk pages.

Different types of signatures

There are 3 different types of signature, each can be used by typing different numbers of tildes. Below are the tildes, their wiki markup and a description

  • Three tildes ('~~~'): A simple link to the userpage. e.g. User:tacopill
  • Four tildes ('~~~~'): A link to the userpage and a timestamp (date and time). This should be used on all talk pages e.g. User:tacopill 11:58, 3 January 2011 (MST)
  • Five tildes ('~~~~~'): A timestamp. Not used very often. e.g. 11:58, 3 January 2011 (MST)

Using signitures

Idealy on talk pages and user talk pages, the user should use four tildes to sign their comments ('~~~~'), as it shows the username and timestamp for when the comment was signed.

Signitures are to be used only on talk pages. Article contributions do not need a signiture .

Unsigned comments

Occasionally a user may come across a comment that has not been signed. When a use spots one they should use the {{unsigned}} template to sign the unsigned comment. The user should search through the page history then find the user who made the unsigned comment, then they will put {{unsigned|username}} at the end of the unsigned comment (make sure to put the username of the user who made the comment, not your own).

Customizing your signiture

By default, signature text is just a link to your userpage, but you can customize them at Special:Preferences. A more in depth guide can be found here. These can use color and can have more than one link in them.