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This page is a guideline as to what behaviors and attitudes all users should have on this wiki. Please attempt to follow these rules and make sure other users follow the rules as well. Breaking the rules is a serious offense and will trigger multiple warnings/bans so please don't do it.


  1. Do not vandalize the wiki. Vandalism is the act of purposefully posting improper content on any article on the WikiBound (e.g. compromising the page's readability, joke edits) and will result in an immediate block.
    • Users are not to confront vandals, as that may encourage them to continue vandalizing.
  2. Be respectiful at all times. Do not personally attack other users whether it's through talk pages or edit summaries. Having an attitude or other similar inappropriate behavior is unconstructuve and does not reflect the wiki being a community effort.
  3. Do not partake in "edit wars". An edit war is when two or more users repeatedly revert each other's edits on a single page back to back. Users should not make multiple reverts to a single edit on an article outside of legitimate cases such as removing vandalism or similar bad faith edits. Disagreements on a particular revision should be brought to the article's talk page or to one of the involved user's talk page.
  4. Do not plagiarize from other wikis. As tempting as it is to have someone else do the work for you, you have to do it yourself. You may use other wikis as a reference but copying directly off of them is unacceptable. If it is found that you have been copying content from other wikis, it will mean serious trouble.
  5. Do not create multiple accounts (sockpuppets) to avoid bans - wait out the time of your ban and then, when it is over, try to correct whatever it is that you did wrong. If you suspect that someone may be a sockpuppet of another user, contact an admin.
  6. Use an appropriate username. Your username is visible to everyone thus one should not use an inappropriate username. Examples of what counts as an unacceptable username are:
    • Obviously offensive usernames: These include names containing profanity, slurs, personal insults, controversial topics, etc
    • Gibberish usernames that are too difficult to memorize/recognize as usernames
    • Names that are too similar to the names of current existing active users, that includes their name spelled backwards or other variations


If you, at any time, see a user breaking one of the rules, ask the user to stop on their talk page. If the user persists in making improper edits, contact an admin and they will solve the problem.